Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day One Hundred Fifty-Two

Netherlands NL-488150 received 11-23-2010

Sent by: mariannehees
From: Netherlands
ID number: NL-4668150
Notes: Texel is an island off of the northern coast of the Netherlands.  It is the largest of the Frisian Islands in the province of North Holland.  It can be reached by ferry (as pictured) or by air, and bicycling is a big form of transportation around the island.  I'm guessing that the sheep pictured here are Texel sheep, a breed that originated on the island.  

The caption below the name translates to "Discover the island feeling". 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day One Hundred Fifty-One

Poland PL-246349 received 07-27-2011

Sent by: sandra_opole
From: Poland
ID number: PL-246349
Notes: If the trees weren't in the way, you could see a beautiful castle on this postcard.  Moszna Castle is located in southwest Poland, not far from the Czech border.  Construction on the castle started in the 17th century, but excavations in the 20th century have revealed evidence of much older buildings. Today the castle is a Public Health Care Center for Therapies of Neuroses, but the building and the surrounding park are also popular with tourists.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Day One Hundred Fifty

Netherlands NL-501090 received 12-14-2010

Sent by: chappievan
From: Netherlands
ID number: NL-501090
Notes: Tulips.  Windmills. Canals. Cows. Cheese. Women wearing traditional costumes who are most likely wearing wooden shoes. What more could you ask for on a card from Holland??  :D  I'm fairly certain that the windmills are the same as on the wooden shoe shaped card from the 20th, the Kinderdijk windmills.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day One Hundred Forty-Nine

Poland PL-85674 received 04-30-2010

Sent by: beciaa
From: Tychy, Poland
ID number: PL-85674
Notes: Tychy is a city of about 130,000 people in south central Poland.  This card shows the oldest church still standing in Tychy, St. Mary Magdalene Church. It was built in 1782.  This photo makes it look white, but several daytime shots that I found of it during my research shows that the exterior is yellow  in color, with a reddish roof.

Poland PL-47634 received 10-05-2009

Sent by: Hania38
From: Poland
ID number: PL-47634
Notes: The Royal Castle in Warsaw, Poland was the official residence of the Polish monarchs.  Construction was started in 1598 and completed in 1619.  It was demolished in 1655-56 by the Swedish army and subsequently rebuilt.  It burned during the German bombings in 1939, and was plundered during the German occupation.  What remained was then blown up.  It wasn't until 1971 that the decision was made to rebuild it again.  

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Day One Hundred Forty-Eight

Netherlands NL-374983 received 06-30-2010

Sent by: Tjitske
From: Netherlands
ID number: NL-374983
Notes: While the name of this city, 's-Hertogenbosch, may look like it has a typo to many of us, I assure you that it is correct.  's-Hertogenbosch translates to "The Duke's Forest", and is colloquially known in the Netherlands as Den Bosch.  This cards shows various views of the Cathedral Church of St. John.  The building of the cathedral was started in 1220 but not finished until 1530.  Sheesh, and we think construction workers are slow today!  Ha!!

Netherlands NL-388301 received 08-13-2010

Sent by: resi58
From: Netherlands
ID number: NL-388301
Notes: Hoensbroek Castle is on the of the largest in the Netherlands, having at least 67 rooms and halls..  It is a watercastle between the Rhine and Meuse Rivers in the far southern part of the country.  The round tower is the oldest part of the castle, built around 1360.