Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Day One Hundred Eighty-Six

Slovenia SI-21682 received 04-02-2010

Sent by: Polonca
From: Slovenia
ID number: SI-21682
Notes: This card is from the 2008 Evropskega Film Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia.  It featured films from thirteen European countries.  I haven't heard of any of them...the films, that is.  I have heard of the countries.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Day One Hundred Eighty-Five

Russia RU-163270 received 06-11-2010

Sent by: Sonina
From: Russia
ID number: RU-163270
Notes: This is the Ipatiev Monastery in Kostroma, Russia.  It was founded about 1330 A.D. by a Tatar prince; however, most of the existing buildings date to the 16th and 17th centuries.  The monastery was disbanded after the Russian Revolution in 1917, and became part of a historical and architectural preservation.  Apparently it has been decided to return the monastery to the Russian Orthodox Church, despite the objections of museum officials.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Day One Hundred Eighty-Four

Finland FI-902883 received 09-18-2010

Sent by: House
From: Finland
ID number: FI-902883
Notes: I'm not 100% sure if this card is for a movie or a stage production of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.  I ran that really long word at the top of the card through Google Translate, and it says something like "The World's Musical Success".  So that didn't really help.  I have seen the Johnny Depp movie version.  It was dark and disturbing...and I loved it!  Actually, I was a little bit worried about how much I liked it, considering just how twisted it is.  

Germany DE-696503 received 09-16-2010

Sent by: misoklau
From: Germany
ID number: DE-696503
Notes: Das Leben is zu Lang translates to Life is Too Long.  Well, doesn't that just sound depressing!  It's about a filmmaker who hasn't had a successful movie in several years.  To get money for another project, he takes a job directing a soap opera.  The auto-translation of the German Wikipedia page for this movie wasn't good, so it was a little hard to follow what happens after that, but it seems like nothing goes right for him.  I think that misoklau tried to give me a description of the plot, but the writing is rather smeared, like the card got rained on during its travels.  That's why I always use ultra fine point Sharpies to write my cards.  

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day One Hundred Eighty-Three

Russia - The State Tretyakov Art Gallery, Moscow

Sent by: My Sassypod
From: Russia
For: Private Swap
Notes: While almost all of my cards come from Postcrossing members, this card was sent to me by a Flickr member who saw my cards in some of the Flickr postcard groups.  The card shows the State Tretyakov Art Gallery, the foremost collection of Russian art in the world.  The collection was started in 1856 by Moscow merchant Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov, and in 1892, he presented his collection of about 2,000 works to the country.  Today, the collection has grown to over 130,000 exhibits. 

Russia RU-154212 received 05-22-2010

Sent by: Alyosha
From: Russia
ID number: RU-154212
Notes: Most of the cards I receive from Russia come from the western part of Russia - mostly Moscow and St. Petersburg. Vladivostok, however, is located in far eastern Russia,on the Pacific coast.  It is the home port for Russia's Pacific naval fleet, and fishing accounts for four-fifths of the city's commercial production.  The city is the eastern terminus of the Trans-Siberian Railway.  This card shows fireworks over the downtown section of the city.

There are 365 days in a year, and half of 365 is 182.5. That means that as of today, I am officially more than halfway to my goal of posting a postcard (or two) every day for a year.  Woot!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Day One Hundred Eighty-Two

Free Enterprise

Sent by: wackystuff
From: Canada
For: Ad Cards Round Robin - Group 9
Notes: I have never heard of this movie before.  Considering its entire gross at the box office was a little over $30,000, I guess that isn't surprising.  It was released in 1999, and starred (from right to left) Eric McCormack, of Will and Grace fame, Rafer Weigel, who is currently the weekend sports anchor and reporter for WLS-TV in Chicago, and William Shatner (I hope I don't have to tell you who he is!).

Here is a synopsis of the movie from IMDB: Young filmmakers (Rafer Weigel, Eric McCormack) trying to hawk a movie titled "Bradykillers" about a serial killer who goes after victims Marcia, Jan, and Cindy meet their screen idol, William Shatner. Shatner, appearing as himself, has fun poking fun at his own image. The two young men, who idolize him and in their fantasies have seen him as a shadowy fairy godfather figure, are alarmed at the reality of the middle-aged non-Captain Kirk man that they meet. However, their relationship helps anchor the two more into reality.

Doesn't really sound promising.  Has anyone actually seen it?