Sunday, March 1, 2015

MI and MN

USA US-1164598 received 06-16-2011

Sent by: TCcardfan
From: Traverse City, Michigan, USA
ID number: US-1164598
Notes:  Hey look, it's a Michigan card that I didn't buy myself!  I did purchase a very similar card though.  Obviously, this is a map of Michigan and a picture of the State Capitol Building in Lansing.  The Capitol was built between 1873-1878, and it has undergone several restorations projects, most recently between 2010-2014.  It is 267 ft. (81 m) tall from the ground to the tip of the finial on top of the dome.

Minnesota - Ice Floe

For: US to US Travelling Envelope Round Robin - Flight 3
Notes: As the caption on the back of this card says, many of Minnesota's lakes are large enough to create impressive ice floes in the late winter and early spring.  So I'm guess that this will start soon, as we are now into March and spring is less than three weeks away.  Hooray!!

I was seriously considering not posting today just to irk Ryan. For some reason, he thinks today is a day to celebrate, even though yesterday was the day that I finished blogging every day for a year.  In the end, though, I decided it wasn't worth it to break my streak.

Also, you'll notice that the title of today's post is not a day number.  While the numbers made titling my posts easier because I didn't have to come up with anything creative, it got a bit tedious.  I can't guarantee that all of the titles will be creative and interesting now though (see today's for example).  My brain works better on some days than others.  

Saturday, February 28, 2015

One Year!!!!!

Spain ES-104616 received 04-11-2011

Sent by: natifuerte
From: Canary Islands, Spain
ID number: ES-104616
Notes: Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands, which, although located off the coast of Africa, politically belong to Spain.  It is the second largest of the Canary Islands, after Tenerife, and was named a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 2009.  The temperatures on the island range from 59-72 degrees F in the winter to 68-82 degrees F in the summer, and the rainfall is typically about 6 inches per year. Sounds like a rather pleasant place to spend some time, which is probably why the sender, who is originally from Germany, has lived there for many years.

Taiwan TW-344135 received 08-20-2011

Sent by: vivan84531
From: Taiwan
ID number: TW-344135
Notes: This is one of two cards that I have received that is shaped like Taiwan.  It's a cool idea.  I wonder if there are any postcards shaped like the U.S. or even the individual states?  Anyway, this card shows the Queen's Head rock formation in the Yehliu Geopark.  This type of formation is known as a hoodoo (yes, that is the actual geologic term), which is a tall, thin spire of rock that protudes from the bottom of an arid drainage basin or badland.  There are a number of hoodoos in Yehliu that were formed as geologic forces pushed Datun Mountain out of the sea.

So there it is.  One complete year of postcard blogs.  I hope my friend Goofy Girl doesn't mind if I borrow some of her confetti.  *throws confetti*  Now, this doesn't mean that I'm done blogging.  I do have almost 400 cards left to blog, so that will last me for a while.  Plus I want to get back into sending, even if it is only a few a month, so that will get me some more cards to post.  So I hope you, my three readers, will stick with me for a while longer.  Thanks!!!  :D

Friday, February 27, 2015

Day Three Hundred Sixty-Four

Michigan - Greetings from Michigan Multiview

Notes: It seems that all of the Michigan cards that I haven't yet blogged are ones that I purchased.  I really like this one because I don't even have to tell you what any of these places are!  I think I have only been to three of these places - Holland (as evidenced by the card two days ago), Grand Rapids, and the Mackinac Bridge (several times).  Looks like I have to spend some more time in Michigan.

Hey, check out that title.  Methinks tomorrow might be a BIG DAY!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Day Three Hundred Sixty-Three

Slovenia SL-14995 received 07-15-2009

Sent by: Kristina-Kiki
From: Maribor, Slovenia
ID number: SI-14995
Notes: Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia.  It is located in north eastern Slovenia, not far from the Austrian border.  This card shows the city's medieval water tower, built in 1555.  It sits along the Drava River, which was dammed (not damned - we're not in Hell anymore) in the 1960s, causing the water level to rise.  The Water Tower was originally slated for demolition, but it was saved by raising it 2.6 meters  (8.5 ft) over a period of seven months.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day Three Hundred Sixty-Two

Michigan - Holland Tulip Festival

Notes: This is another card that I purchased myself.  This one, however, predates my postcard hobby by quite a few years.  I purchased it while in Holland, Michigan, for the Tulip Time Festival parade (shown here) in 1994.  I remember the year because it was my senior year in high school, and my high school marching band marched in the parade.  The Tulip Time Festival has been held every year since 1929, and is the largest tulip festival in the United States.  As you can see, the city takes its Dutch heritage seriously.