Saturday, July 26, 2008

Well, that didn't work very well!

Ok, so my grand plan of posting a few cards every few days so didn't work out very well! I have still been busy with other obligations, and silly me, I took on one more. So I guess now my new plan is to post when I have time to post. So I guess that would be almost never! :D Anyway, here are the rest of the cards that Hthrann1 sent me a while ago. As you will probably notice, they are all from Connecticut. This is the First Congregational Church in the "picturesque town" of Litchfield. That is how it is described on the back of the card. It does look rather nice. I just don't like seeing the autumn colors right now. It is still summer and I certainly don't want to think about autumn yet! Here is a very nice stone fence on a country road. And look, more autumn colors. This looks like a nice quiet place to live. Ah, such a lovely nature scene. But is autumn the only time anyone takes any pictures in Connecticut? I mean seriously? :D No, maybe not! Here are some lovely summer hollyhocks blooming in front of this barn. Very pretty! Next we have a nice multiview of Fairfield county. With all of these pictures of rural scenes, I am beginning to think that there are no urban areas in Connecticut. Guess I'll have to visit some day and find out for myself. I have heard a rumor that there are a few letterboxes (not the type that holds mail, the type that holds a rubber stamp) in the state. I should go hunt a few down... Hey look, another stone wall, another barn and more fall foliage. Who would have thunk it ;) Now, I'm really not trying to make fun of Connecticut. I'm sure it is as beautiful as all of these pictures show. This house actually has a name. It is the Buttolph-Williams House in Wethersfield. It was used by author Elizabeth Speare as a setting for the children's classic Witch of Blackbird Pond. Again, this information is from the back of the card. I have never heard of the author or the book. The house was built around 1720 in the traditional style of the Puritan settlers, and was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1968. Well, instead of a stone wall, we have a stone bridge this time. At least it looks summery with that tree full of pink flowers on the right (it might be hard to see in this picture). Here is a place that I have heard of. Yale University in New Haven. This is the Sterling Memorial Library. The stacks are in the form of a tower and were built to hold over 3,000,000 books. Wow! No wonder everyone who goes to Yale is so smart. ;) The library also contains the Gutenberg Bible. Finally, we have another multiview. Here is exactly what it says on the back of the card: "CONNECTICUT - Dogwoods blooming on Greenfield Hill and parade day in Fairfield." Ok, that describes two of the pictures. What about the third? Isn't it important enough to even tell us what it is? Anyway, that concludes this post. I have a few more US postcards scanned, so maybe I'll post them one of these days. And hopefully I'll have a chance to scan some cards from other countries. I have so many cards, I won't run out for a very long time. :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

How many countries have a 4th of July? All of them, of course. :D Yeah, ok, old joke, bad joke, whatever. But as far as I know, the United States is the only country to celebrate its Independence Day on July 4th. It is a day off for most people, myself included. I did not go to a parade this morning, nor will I go see fireworks tonight. The main reason? Parking. Yup, that's right, parking. I really dislike crowds of cars (and people, for that matter), and I get really impatient when trying to exit a parking lot when everyone is trying to leave at once. I did go to a movie today, which wasn't crowded or difficult to exit. I saw Get Smart, which was pretty funny. Steve Carell makes a good Maxwell Smart. Granted, I haven't seen a single episode of the original tv show, so I really have nothing to compare it to. :D But it was fun watching it while eating nachos and drinking a blue raspberry Icee (yum). It is a good thing that I am not really a popcorn person. The movie theater didn't keep their poppers going and actually ran out of popcorn. As I walked around the large group of people waiting for popcorn, I looked at my nachos and thought "Suckers!" ;) Here are a few postcards that are very appropriate today. This first one is from Hthrann1. She sent it as part of a large number of cards that we traded. It is one of the postcards produced for the US Postal Service, if that wasn't obvious. I really like all of the flag stamps. They are so much less boring than the flag stamps the USPS usually produces. :D $.37 cent stamps. That seems cheap, doesn't it? :D For some reason, this next card reminds me of the movie National Treasure. I just can't think why that would be. Hmmmm... ;) Most people probably don't know that the Declaration of Independence wasn't signed on July 4. We celebrate our independence on July 4th because that is the date it was ratified by Congress. Was that Ben Gates enough for you? And if you have no idea who Ben Gates is, I'm sorry. Go watch a movie! Which movie you ask? I have already said it... Oh, by the way, this card is courtesy of FairyDreamer. Finally we have this gorgeous view of our nation's capital. This shot was actually taken during an Independence Day celebration. The building is the Lincoln Memorial, if you didn't recognize it from the back of the penny. Just to the right of the memorial, you may be able to make out the dome of the capitol building. bodaquilts sent me this card a while back for the Fireworks tag.