Friday, July 3, 2009

Postcards from A to Z: H

Blog?? What blo....oh wait, I have one of those! :D I guess with all the stuff that has been going on lately, including a New Kids on the Block concert AND a Barenaked Ladies concert, I kinda forgot to post something. I better do something about that!
You already know that I like postcards of museums, so I thought I'd change topics. Another of my favorite postcard subjects is castles. Most of the castle postcards I get come from Europe, mostly because there are a great many castles in Europe. But I have also received postcards of castles in Japan, Namibia (sent from South Africa, but still very cool) and ever from here in the USA. A the USA? Yes, absolutely. In fact, there used to be a show on A&E called America's Castles, so there is definitely more than one. But for now, I will focus on one of those castles, which I do remember seeing on the show.
H is for Hearst Castle.
Hearst Castle is located near San Simeon, California, about 215 miles from San Francisco and 225 miles from Los Angeles. It was built by newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst on a 250,000 acre ranch he inherited from his mother in 1919. The main house, called Casa Grande has 115 rooms, including 38 bedrooms and 41 bathrooms. The grounds also contained 127 acres of gardens, a private airstrip and the world's largest private zoo. It sounds impressive...and it is. Take a look.

USA US-247444 received 09-08-2008

Now, I know I said I was off the topic of museums with this post, but that isn't technically true. Hearst Castle is a museum now, as well as a state historic park, and tours are available 362 days of the year. But since this picture is of the exterior, and it is most definite a castle, I am not counting it as a museum.
I was about to publish this post when I realized that I never gave credit to tookiethepug for sending this to me as my 140th official Postcrossing card. Considering I received my 300th official card yesterday (WOOT!), it has been a while since I received this one.
I hope everyone in the US has a great holiday tomorrow. Hmmmm...tomorrow is Independence Day and the next letter I have to post is I. I may have to do something with that...I guess we'll see tomorrow!