Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Postcards from A to Z: J

I actually started writing this blog entry on Wednesday of last week, but failed to finish it until now. Instead, I've been spending my evenings chatting with people in my non-postcard hobby, and therefore have been too distracted to write a blog. I go into the chat room when there is no one in there, thinking I'll get some time to myself, but inevitably, someone else will come in and start talking to me. So obviously it's not my fault. :D Anyway, as I was looking for a card to post for "J", I realized that I had two cards from the same country that showed cities with "J" names. As an added bonus, it is a country that has never before been seen in this blog! Neither of them are "official" Postcrossing cards - the country only has 148 Postcrossing members, so it would be a fairly rare occurrence to get an official card from there (by comparison, the USA has over 20,000 members). So, are you curious yet? Huh?? J is for Jaffa and Jerusalem. I'm guessing you have probably heard of Jerusalem, which is, of course, in Israel. And I bet that if you haven't heard of Jaffa, you at least surmised from the previous paragraph that it is also in Israel. Jaffa is a port city on the Mediterranean Sea, and it believe to be one of the oldest cities in the world. This postcard of a minaret in Jaffa was one of three that I picked out for the 12 Viewcards in an Envelope Round Robin. Leeba, who is, not surprisingly, from Israel, was the person who sent out the envelope with the 12 cards in it. Then the 4 other people in the group each picked 3 cards and replaced them with 3 cards from our own areas.

Israel - Minaret in Jaffa

The caption on the back of the card says "A Minaret in Jaffa". Wow, that's informative. :)
The card from Jerusalem is one of seven that I received as part of a trade from Terra in Germany. She sent me cards from a number of different countries. The Dome of the Rock is an Islamic shrine that houses the Foundation Stone, which is the holiest spot in Judaism. If you are wondering if that causes some issues, the answer is yes. But then again, the control of much of that area of the world is under dispute.

The caption on the back of this card isn't any more informative than the other, but at least this one says "Jerusalem, Dome of the Rock" in four languages. :)
Ok, so that's it. I figure if I start on my "K" entry now, I should have it finished by the end of August.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Postcards from A to Z: I

Ummmm, hi! Remember me? :D I almost forgot (again) that I have this blog. I was having way too much fun with my other hobby during July that I almost completely forgot about my postcards. But I finally sent out the 12 that I had addresses for, so I am getting back on track. So I figured that is was time to get back to the blog too. I did find something the other day that got me really excited about the postcards. To help me stay more organized, I got a great new case that holds 2000 cards (well, it was made for scrapbookers to hold photos, but it works great for postcards too). It snaps shut and has a handle so that I can easily carry all my postcards around. And in case you are wondering, those are all the cards I have to SEND, not the cards that I have received. I'd probably need a few more cases for those. :D Now, back to the blog. I'll ease back into things with just one postcard this time. And when I tell you what it is, if you say "Huh?", I guarantee you that you won't be the only one. :) I is for Inukshuk. Be honest - how many of you said "Huh?" If you actually know what it is, good for you....and I would guess you either live in or near Vancouver, or have visited there. This is an Inukshuk:

It is the basis for the logo of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. As per the info on the back of the card, the Inukshuk was a navigational aid on the barren northern landscape, and the name translates as "the stone man that leads the way."
Krissy from Vancouver sent this card to me because I love anything that relates to the Olympics. I usually find myself watching every night, no matter what events are on. The Vancouver games start February 12, 2010, which is just over 6 months away. Woo hoo! :)
I'm fairly certain that it won't be another month before I post a blog entry. But then again, you never know. ;) Until next time, take care!