Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Storm Didn't Stop Me

Who went out in a thunderstorm earlier to get some ice cream to make a chocolate malt?  Yeah, that would be me.  Priorities, people!  When I went, the rain had mostly let up (it's pouring again now), but the lightning was absolutely bolt right after another.  Some of the gusts of wind were pretty strong too.  But at least I didn't see one of these...  

USA US-410460 received 05-18-2009

And I hope I never do see one of these.  The card doesn't actually say where this photo was taken, but the company that made the card is in Nebraska.  Because of that, and the fact that Nebraska is in Tornado Alley, I'm guessing that the photo was taken in Nebraska.  However, Kimbeewa, the Postcrosser that sent the card to me, lives in Illinois.  

Here is the advice that is printed on the back of the card:


In a home or building, move to a safe area such as a basement, or an interior room such as a bathroom or closet.  Stay away from windows.
Don't try to outrun a tornado in a car. Leave the card and find shelter, even if only in a ditch.
Get out of mobile homes and find stronger shelter.
Do not leave shelter until the tornado has passed or the "All-Clear" is sounded."

The chocolate malt was delicious, by the way.  Not thick enough though, so I think I'll add a little more ice cream next time. :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My dad instant messaged me tonight to tell me that my mom had to take their 20+ year old cat, Mittens, in to have her put to sleep.  The vet found cancer in her mouth, and that was in addition to the other health problems that she already had.  And obviously, she was very, very old anyway.  So in honor of Mittens, here are a couple of cat cards, which people send to me because my profile mentions that I have cats.

Postcrosser yvonnegg from Taiwan sent these copycats to me. :)

*Taking break to pet Jedi, who jumped up on the couch and started purring.*

I received this card from DiannaMacau in Macau, and she even included a cat stamp on the back.  Now, I know what you are thinking.  "Where in the heck is Macau?"  Yeah, I asked the same question, because this is the first (and so far only) card I've ever received from there.  Well, if you find China on a map, and then look really hard at the southern coastline, you might find Macau.  It's like Hong Kong, in that it is a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


At first glance, the scene on tonight's postcard looks like it might show the area where I grew up in Wisconsin, with its relatively flat terrain and cows.  However, this scene is actually in the Netherlands.

This card came from Postcrosser San3na in, not surprisingly, the Netherlands.

By the way....MOOOO!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011


I was putting off posting tonight because I was hoping I could think of something interesting to talk about.  Alas, no.  Since it's almost midnight, and I'm almost falling asleep on the couch, I guess I'd better get on with it.

And, just as I was about to get up to go find a postcard, my not-usually-snuggly cat decided that it was time to jump onto my lap and lie down.  So of course I couldn't get up.  Fortunately, he's got the cat version of ADD, so he didn't stay very long, and I was then able to get this card.  

Is it weird to anyone else to see alcoholic beverages in the hands of Disney/Pixar characters?  And speaking of weird, the stamp on the back of the card shows Edgar Allen Poe.  There was one seriously weird dude!

This card is courtesy of urivampire (from Connecticut), who sent it to me for group 18 of the Movie and Television Round Robin.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Back to Normal...Almost

What did I do today?  Let's see....yeah, nothing.  So I guess it's back to the same old same old.  Although...after I posted last night, I realized that I forgot to include the crowd that I took about a half hour before I left the park.  Do you want to see it?  Well, even if you don't, I'm gonna show it to you.

This is looking south on Columbus Drive at the intersection with Jackson.  If you want a point of reference, you can look at the official Taste of Chicago 2011 map here.  The red & white striped booth on the left is Robinson's Ribs, which is number 27 on the map.

So, now back to the usual stuff.  Meaning postcards, of course.

Philippines - Underground River, Palawan

The caption on the card just says "Underground River, Palawan", but with a little research, I was able to figure out that this is the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Ok, so who is going to go plant a letterbox in that cave, huh? :)

Philippines - Diniwid Beach, Boracay Island

Boracay is the name of the island, and the beach is Diniwid Beach.

Both of these cards were part of a private swap with Postcrosser stillwaters.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just a Taste

This is going to be a bit of a different sort of post tonight.  It contains actual photographs.  That I took!  Now, I have to say that I'm not a very good photographer.  So don't get your hopes up that there are going to be some epic photos, because there aren't.  Just a bunch of crappy ones with a few that are o.k.  This post is also a bit longer than usual (seriously, it's REALLY long), so you might want to ingest some caffeine so that you can stay awake for the whole thing.

Here is where I spent the day today:

I know what you are thinking.  "You spent the day outside?"  Yes, I know, it's definitely not a geek's natural habitat. :)  But I try to go to the Taste every year, even it if does mean spending the day outside.  I didn't go last year because I was unemployed and didn't think it would be wise to spend the money, so I definitely wanted to go this year.  It was a nice day today...about 80 and sunny to start off, with increasing clouds that made the sunshine hazy.  And guess who forgot the sunscreen?  Yup.  Pale white me is now  birght pink me.  Fortunately, there were some Avon reps handing out samples of facial sunscreen just as I was walking into Grant Park, so at least my face doesn't look like a tomato.

If you don't know, the Taste of Chicago is one of the world's largest food festivals.  Basically a it's just a big excuse to eat. :)  This year, 59 Chicago area restaurants had booths, each offering 4 or 5 different selections from their menu, plus two smaller 'Taste' portions.  I only got the Taste portions, because I wanted to try as many things as possible and not fill up too much on any one thing.  I also tried to get foods that I might not have a chance to have otherwise.  I don't understand the people that go to the Taste and get corn on the cob, watermelon, pizza, etc.  They could just go to the grocery store to get stuff like that!  Why overpay for them at the Taste??  Ok, stepping off of my soapbox now.

So, when I got into the park, I bypassed the first ticket booth (you get the food with tickets so that the vendors don't have to deal with cash) because the lines were too long and looked around for a bit to see what I might want to start out with.  I was thirsty, and there were a bunch of booths offering free beverage samples, so I had a few.  Specifically Pepsi Max, Sierra Mist, Tampico Tropical Punch, Ocean Spray Cranberry Lime, Ocean Spray Sparkling Cranberry, Rockstar Recovery Grape energy drink and McDonald's Frozen Strawberry Lemonade.  I was pretty well hydrated by that point, so I got some tickets and went to get my first food of the day. 

Yes, here is an example of my stellar photography skills.  My camera apparently doesn't understand that I wanted both the food and the sign to be in focus.  You will notice that on many of my food photos.  Plus I was trying to take the pictures quickly so that I wouldn't be in the way.  Anyway, this is vegetable tempura from Guey Lon.  I always get the tempura at the Taste.  I love it!  Deep fried vegetables...what's not to love? :)

I decided to be a little more adventurous and try this grilled chicken kabob with tomatillo, potatoes and charred onion from Vermillion, a Latin Indian fusion restaurant.  With that combination, I should have realized that the kabob would be a bit spicy.  I don't care that much for spicy, so I had to get something to drink help wash it down.  Sorry, I didn't take a picture of my bottle of Pepsi, but I'm sure you know what they look like. :)

 I wasn't going to get dessert yet, but I walked passed the Chicago Sweet Connection Bakery booth (sorry that the sign is blurry) and couldn't resist getting the Oreo Parfait cup. As Donkey says "Parfait's gotta be the most delicious thing on the whole damn planet!"  It was pretty darn delicious.

After the parfait, I was pretty full, so I walked around and found a bench, where I read part of my Mental Floss magazine.  When I was a little less full, I got this bacon-wrapped chicken from Texas de Brazil.  Why did I get more chicken?  Because it's wrapped in BACON.  That's the only reason I need.  It was yummy yummy yummy.

I had difficulty deciding what to get next, but I was getting pretty warm at that point (I was wearing a black t-shirt and a black skort) so I thought something cool would be good.  I picked the coconut ice at Sabor Latino.  It was very refreshing and quite tasty, although it was hard to tell when I was finished because it was the same color as the styrofoam cup that it came in.

Yes, I had more fried food.  Mac and cheese bites from the Cubby Bear.  I don't care that much for mac and cheese on its own, but bread it and deep-fry it and it transforms into something quite ambrosial. *nodding*

I was seriously full after the mac and cheese, and it was getting way too crowded for my liking, but I still had 7 tickets left.  Most of the taste portions cost 4 tickets, but a few were less, so I tried to find something good for 3 tickets.  FYI, you have to buy the tickets in strips of 12, so it's not like I could go get just one more ticket.  Anyway, I found that Parrot Cage had mini red velvet cupcakes for 3 tickets.  They were kept refrigerated, so that cream cheese icing was firm and cool.  Ahhh, perfect!

Finally, with my last 4 tickets, I had to get another of my Taste traditions.  A cup of ice cream from the Original Rainbow Cone.  It consists of orange sherbet, pistachio ice cream, Palmer House ice cream (Venetian vanilla with cherries and walnuts), strawberry ice cream and chocolate ice cream.  It may sound weird, but it's good.  It's all smooshed together in the cup, but when you get the cone, it is in layers (like a parfait!).

I walked out of Grant Park, eating my ice cream, and started walking slowly back to Millennium Station to catch the train home.  I walked slowly because I had an hour and a half before the next train left, and it wasn't a long walk.  As I passed Millennium Park, I decided to check out their gift shop to see if I could get some postcards (they were too pricey) and then I went up to see Cloudgate, aka "The Bean".

I don't think I've actually bothered to go up and see it since right after it was installed.  They hadn't even had a chance to polish out all of the seams then!  But as you can see, it is quite polished and reflective now.

Speaking of reflections, can you spot me in this reflection? (I already mentioned what I was wearing.)
I'm in the center of the picture.

And just to prove to you that my picture-taking skills aren't total crap, here is a picture of Buckingham Fountain that I took early in the day.  Yes, it really is a picture that I took and not a postcard.

Oh yes, speaking of postcards, I should probably include one.  I thought that a food card would fit very well, and as I was searching through my Flickr photostream, this is the first food-related card that I came across.

Finland FI-533872 received 05-16-2009

Yes, some of the candy is glittery.  This 'wonderful' card was sent to me by Postcrosser wonderful. :)
If you are still awake at this point, I congratulate you.  And I'm very sorry that your insomnia is so severe. ;)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Stupid Game

I almost forgot to write a post tonight because I was too busy playing 'Sims Medieval'.  Yes, I'm still playing that, but I'm getting increasingly frustrated at the number of times there has been a error while I was saving my game, which then makes that kingdom unrecoverable.  That's especially discouraging when I've already spent hours trying to fulfill the kingdom objective.  There are some other issues with the game that need to be fixed as well, so I hope EA is working on it.

I'm sure that if I looked hard enough, I could find a card or two that shows something medieval, but it's late, I'm tired and I really don't feel like it.  So I just picked a couple of cards.

France FR-45463 received 02-28-2009

This lovely market in Provence was sent to me by Postcrosser mati..

France ES-46976 received 06-10-2009 (sent from Spain)

Obviously, this is a view of Paris, France, with the Arc de Triomphe in the center.  Postcrosser Groseile sent this card from Spain, but she is originally from France and purchased this card on a visit home.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lotta Lakes

From what I've seen on the many Finnish postcards that I've received, there are a LOT of lakes in Finland.  Or maybe there are only a few lakes, but a lot of different postcard views of them. ;)  No, really, there are over 187,000 lakes in Finland.  And here are two of them.  Or possibly just two different views of the same lake. The first card isn't labeled, so I can't be sure.

Finland - Lake

The caption on the back of the next card says 'Koli, Herajärvi, Lakkala'. I believe that Koli refers to Koli National Park, but I'm not sure which of the other two words are the name of the lake.

Finland - Koli, Herajärvi, Lakkala

I received both of these cards as part of group 85 of the 12 Viewcards in an Envelope Round Robin.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Captions II

"The Bridge of Remembrance located in the central Christchurch City."

I wonder how much damaged has been done to this part of Christchurch by the earthquakes.

"Main Street, Arrowtown, in a picturesque setting, just 20km from Queenstown, Central Otago, New Zealand."

I have no record of who these cards came from.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Only a Day Late

I don't follow many sports...just baseball and football (the American kind, not the soccer kind).  And the Olympics, of course.  So when I realized that I had a card showing Wimbledon, I decided I should find out when the tournament is so that I would know when to post it.  And what do you started yesterday. :)  So here is the card.

The card doesn't have a caption on the back, so I don't know exactly what each of the pictures shows (come on, postcard manufacturer...caption your cards!).  And I'm not sure where I got it either.  It's another one of those cards that came from flight 37 of an unknown round robin.

Incidentally, even though I have no interest in tennis, I read Andre Agassi's autobiography 'Open' and found it very interesting.  I certainly don't blame him for hating tennis.

This card has nothing to do with Wimbledon or tennis, but this cathedral is also in England so I thought I'd include it.  This is the Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of St Peter, also known as York Minster, in York.  I received it from Postcrosser Terra as part of a private swap.  Oddly, Terra lives in Germany, not England.  :)

P.S. There was no one in the AQ chat room tonight, so I had to come up with a title on my own.  That's why it's not very good.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Where in the World?

Tonight's card is rather unique.  It is the only one I have showing a particular country.  It was actually sent to me as a private swap from Taiwan, which is NOT the country it shows, but there is a reason for that as you shall see.  Which country am I referring to?  Take a look at the card and then make your guesses.

The card doesn't have a caption that I could read, so I had to do some research to figure out the exact location shown.  I had a bit of difficulty finding it, and was becoming a bit dubious that the card actually showed the city that Postcrosser mooncastle claimed that it showed. :)  But Google finally came though for me, and I can tell you that this is Mansudae Fountain Park with the Mansudae Art Theatre in the background.  I don't think those names will help you figure out the city though.  Has anyone figured it out (without cheating)?

Ok, I will tell you.  It's Pyongyang, North Korea.  I'm not sure how mooncastle got the card, as she says that she has never been there.  Hmmmm......  Anyway, it's doubtful that I will ever receive a card that is actually sent from North Korea, as only one North Korean Postcrosser has ever sent any official cards, and those were all in 2009.  Sometimes, I just have to take postcards anyway I can get them. :)

P.S.  Thank you to Mark for help with the title.  I just have not been good at thinking of titles recently.  I actually went with a shorter title than he suggested, and he claims that my edit is 'boring', but that's too bad. ;)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Happiest Blog on Earth

Ok, we both know that title isn't true.  But it seemed appropriate for the tonight's cards.  I wish I could take credit for the title, but I couldn't think of anything.  Fortunately, I was once again chatting in the AQ chat room and mentioned my problem to Jim.  You can thank him for the title.

Expedition Everest, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Obviously, it was a little difficult to crop this card because of the Yeti trying to come out of the picture. :)  I received it from llamoore, who sent it to me as part of the US to US Alphabetical Tag.  She had to send me a card showing something that started with 'E'.  I have never been to Disney's Animal Kingdom (or any Disney park for that matter), so I wasn't sure what exactly Expedition Everest was.  Now that I see that it is a roller coaster, I can tell you that I won't ever go on it.  I don't like roller coasters.

USA US-336572 received 02-07-2009

This card was also a little difficult to crop because of the rounded corners.  I received it as an official Postcrossing card from WolfsHeart, who lived down the street from Disneyland when she was going to college.  That would probably be awesome...or really distracting. :D

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lazy Day

I didn't do a darn thing today.  So nothing to report.  On to the postcards then.

Annnnnnd...I ran into a problem.  I always pick out a card or two from my Flickr photostream and then go to my storage boxes to find the actual cards.  Tonight, I picked two cards from Estonia.  The problem is that I can't find the actual cards.  They aren't in the box with the 4x6 cards, they aren't in the box with the 5x7 cards and they aren't in the basket with the oversized cards.  Or perhaps I should say they aren't where they are supposed to be.  Clearly they are here somewhere, because I had to have them in order to scan them.  The question is what did I do with them in between then and now.

Annnnnnd....nevermind!  I searched a little more in the box of 4x6 cards, and found the two cards I was looking for mixed in with my umpteen gabillion cards from Finland. :)

Estonia - Põlvamaa

I know I received this card as part of a round robin, because I had written 'Flight 37' on the envelope that it came in.  Unfortunately, I didn't write down *which* round robin it came from.  I tried going back through the  threads on the Postcrossing forum to see if I could figure it out, but Postcrossing has this annoying habit of deleting threads that are no longer being used.  To me, that makes for an incomplete record of everything I've participated in, and also an inaccurate post count, which just makes me cringe.  Hey, I'm an accountant....accurate numbers are a must! :)

Anyway, this card shows scenes of Põlvamaa, or Põlva County in Estonia.  At the top is the Meenikunno Bog; the lower left shows the ants' kingdom at Akste, the largest colony of ants in Estonia with over 3 billion inhabitants (yikes!); and the lower right shows the Piusa Caves, which were created by glass-sand mining.

Estonia EE-40441 received 02-04-2009

These two scenes obviously show the city of Tallinn.  The top is a panorama of the city, which is located in north-west Estonia on the Gulf of Finland.  On the bottom, you can see the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, which was built in 1959 for the Estonian Song Festival.  The stage can hold 15,000 singers!  Postcrosser Kyllika sent the card to me.

Friday, June 17, 2011

About Last Night

So, yeah, I didn't post anything last night. I was....uh....having internet issues again.  Yeah, that's it. :)  No?  Ok, here is what really happened. I was really tired, so I went to lie down on the bed for a couple of minutes at about 10:00 last night.  The next thing I knew, it was 2:45 AM, and there was no way I was going to write a blog entry then!

I'm actually really tired again tonight and I have a headache, but I didn't want to flake out two nights in a row, so I'll make this quick.

This is from a Japanese movie called, not surprisingly, 'Nana'.  chiezo178 sent the card to me as part of group 12 of the Movie and Television Round Robin.

This card was also sent from Japan; however 'Hallelujah' is an American movie from 1929.  Postcrosser super-hero sent it to me as an official card.

Ok, beddie-bye time.  Night!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ho Hum

Let's see...the highlights of my day included getting all my necessary work done so that I could actually leave the office before 6:00 PM, and going grocery shopping.  Exciting, right.  Yeah. about a postcard? :)

This is the Florence Cathedral, also known as Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore.  In case you hadn't guessed, it is in Italy.  Postcrosser eileanor sent it to me. She is a huge Star Trek fan as well.  I guess the Vulcan salute is a universal language. :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Response

Remember my saga last week about Haagen Dazs Bailey's Irish Cream ice cream?  Well, today I received this response from the company:

"Thank you for your email letting us know of your disappointment in being unable to find Häagen-Dazs® Bailey's® Irish Cream at your local market. I realize how frustrating it can be to search for, but fail to find, your favorite ice cream and frozen snacks.
As you know, this particular flavor has been discontinued from our product line. Each year, we evaluate our current flavors and products, our slower selling flavors and products are discontinued based on National Sales. However, it is possible if we hear from enough consumers who share your views this product could be reinstated. I will be happy to forward your comments on to the appropriate Department for review.

Please watch for our follow-up response and some ice cream coupons to arrive by U.S. Mail in seven to ten business days. In the meantime, please visit our flavor finder at to find the ice cream and frozen snack flavors that have recently been delivered to your area.
We appreciate your interest in our company and the time you have taken to contact us."

That's about the response that I expected.  At least I'll be receiving some coupons.

Tonight's 'pick a country' picker was Dana, and she picked Belgium.  Specifically a food card from Belgium. Here is the only one I have.  It's certainly not ice cream!

Belgium BE-34956 received 06-06-2009

I'm not sure what the dish in the pot is, but it appears to contain some sort of shellfish.  Doesn't look appetizing to me.  And neither does the beer.  So I guess I'll just eat the fries.  

I received this card from Postcrosser zoeza.

Monday, June 13, 2011


I really don't have anything to say tonight, so I thought I'd let the cards do the talking for me.  Fortunately, both cards I picked for tonight have a caption on the back.

Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

"A morning view of the metropolis of Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur. The world's tallest building - Petronas Twin Towers and the world's tallest concrete tower - K.L. Tower soar high above the city." 

 Obviously this card, sent to me for a private swap with Postcrosser govinho88, is a few years old. The Petronas Towers have not been the world's tallest since 2004.

Malaysia - Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang

"Night scene of Kek Lok Si Temple during Chinese New Year.

Since 1891, Kek Lok Si Temple is known as the jewel in the crown of heritage temples in Malaysia, and has been identified as one of the largest and finest temple complexes in South-east Asia." 

 This card was a private swap with SLLiew.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


As it turned out, I did not make it home from the Great Lakes Gathering until after midnight (about 20 after), so I'm glad I wrote yesterday's post ahead of time.  It was a good day, with much better weather than the forecasts predicted.  And even though the day was mostly about letterboxing, I did stop at a store on the way home to get some Michigan postcards.  You know I couldn't completely forget about postcards! :)  And speaking of postcards...

According to the 'This Day in History' list on AQ, today is the 24th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's "Tear Down This Wall" speech.  And while he was speaking more about a metaphorical wall, he was standing in front of a real wall.  This wall.

I picked this card from flight 43 of the Round Robin Redux: Travelling Version.  As I was looking at this card tonight, I realized that this is not an actual photograph, but rather a computer illustration.  I wonder why I never noticed that before.  Sheesh, now I feel dumb and unobservant.  Clearly, it's a very good computer illustration.

Here are some more walls....walls of buildings. :)  I am fairly certain that the picture on this card *are* actual photographs.

I'm not sure what all of these buildings are.  The lower left shows the Berlin Cathedral, or Berliner Dom, and next to that on the bottom is the Brandenburg Gate.  If anyone know what any of the other buildings are, please let me know.  I received this card from Postcrosser Sonneblume1, who was 9 years old at the time she sent the card.  She wrote the card herself, in English.  I wish I had started learning another language when I was that young.  It probably would have been a lot easier to learn. :)

P.S. I couldn't figure out why this post wasn't showing up on the blog list on AQ.  Then I realized that I forgot to title it.  D'oh!  

Saturday, June 11, 2011

On the Road Again

At the time this post is scheduled to publish (7:31 PM), I will probably be driving home from the Great Lakes (letterboxing) Gathering in Commerce Township, Michigan.  According to Yahoo! Maps, it is about a 4 hour drive. Obviously, I don't know what time I will be leaving, so I don't know what time I will get home, but I figured that even if I do make it home before midnight, I'm going to be waaaaaaaay too tired to write anything.

Since I will be on the road, here is a postcard of a road (obviously not the same road I will be on though).

Maryland - Chesapeake Bay Bridge

According to the blurb on the back of the card, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge has the longest steel spans over salt water in the world.  It certainly looks like a heck of a bridge.  I received this card as part of a private swap with Ribit1.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Early to Bed...Yeah, Not So Much

This is going to be quick because I have a long drive tomorrow, and I really should have been in bed already.  I do have most of my stuff ready to go, and as soon as I'm done writing this, I'll take it out to the car.

This is one of those wacky cards that was sent from one country but shows another country.  I will tell you that it was sent from Finland.  See if you can figure out what country it shows.

If you guessed that this was China, wow, you're good!  Postcrosser Leenz had been an exchange student in Shanghai in the spring of 2008.  She said it was quite a change to go from Finland, which has about 5 million people in the entire country, to China...Shanghai alone has over 20 million people. :)  FYI, this is the Xin Tian Di (or Xintiandi) district of Shanghai.

Wish me luck on my drive tomorrow.  Actually, I really need the good luck to get up when my alarm goes off.  I'm...ummm....not so good at that.  I am NOT a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Once again, I can barely keep my eyes open, so I'm going to make this short.  Both of these cards came from group 85 of the 12 Viewcards in an Envelope Round Robin.

Turkey - Adapazari

This is Adapazari.  "Where is that?" I hear you ask (yes, I can hear you).  It's in northwestern Turkey (or Türkiye if you prefer).

Turkey - Multiview

And here are various other locations around Turkey.  Top to bottom left - the city of Alanya; the ruins of Perge; the town of Kemer.  Top to bottom right - the city of Fethiye; the town of Side; the city of Antalya.  In the middle is one of the Düden Waterfalls.

Ok, that took a lot longer than I thought it would.  I supposed that I didn't *have* to include all those links, but I wanted to know more about what the card showed too. :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm Devastated!

I thought I wasn't going to have anything to talk about again tonight, but then I found out something tragic.  Haagen Dazs discontinued my favorite flavor. *tear*  Bailey's Irish Cream had been a seasonal flavor for a while, and then Haagen Dazs finally got smart and sold it year round.  But I haven't been able to find it in any grocery stores for a while, so I thought maybe it went back to being seasonal.  A discussion about ice cream in the AQ chat room tonight got me curious, so I did a bit of searching on the internet and that's when I discovered the horrible truth. *sigh*

I did go to their 'Contact Us' page to send them a message.  Funny enough, the very first choice in the Subject box is "You discontinued my favorite flavor".  Of course I sent them a message and basically begged them to bring it back.  I'm not sure if it will work, but maybe they'll send me a coupon or something.  They do make other flavors that I like, but the Bailey's was the absolute best.  Someone told me that they still carry it in the Haagen Dazs shops, but the closest one to me is on Navy Pier in Chicago.  Not exactly convenient.  Oh well, I guess I don't really need the calories.

I don't have any ice cream postcards, but I do have some postcards with other food.  Let's start off healthly first.

Finland FI-588304 received 07-19-2009

Seriously, who knew broccoli could be so cute!  Unfortunately, I don't know why that little bandaged bear is up in the corner.  There isn't any info on the back of the card, and Postcrosser ansko91(who is from Finland) didn't explain it.

Ok, now that we got the healthy stuff out of the way, how about some dessert?  Pick one! :)

Estonia EE-45383 received 04-10-2009

Personally, I think I'd go for the triple chocolate mousse (yes Mark, that's mousse, not moose) at the bottom. But the rest of it looks pretty yummy as well. :)  Although the captions on the card are in French, the card actually came from musi in Estonia.

If I get any response from Haagen Dazs, I let you know.  I'm going to watch Craig Ferguson now.  :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I had the box of US cards out for something else, so I just decided to grab a couple of them for tonight's post.  Why walk all the way across my tiny apartment when I had a box right next to me, right? ;)

USA US-340460 received 02-10-2009

I don't think I have to bother to tell you what this card shows, right? :)  This is an official Postcrossing card from dptikig.

And now we travel across the country to another 'New' state.  There's quite a difference in the two places though, as you can see.

New Mexico - Pueblo of Acoma

I suppose I'll tell you what this cards shows because this one is less obvious.  :)  These rock formations are part of the Pueblo of Acoma in New Mexico, which is the oldest continuously inhabited pueblo in the US.  I picked this card as part of group 29 of the 'US and Around the World Traveling Envelope Round Robin'.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Earlier is Better

I don't know how many people pay attention to the time I post each night, but it is listed at the end of each post. Most of the time, it seems that I'm writing after 11:00 PM.  That's a problem because that means it's at least midnight before I get to bed.  And that makes it really difficult for me to get up at a reasonable time to go to work.  So I thought I'd try writing a little bit earlier.  Actually, I meant to start writing right after I got home from work, but I procrastinated and started playing Sims Medieval instead.  But starting it at 9:00 is still better than 11:00. :)

I decided to play "pick a country" with someone else like I did with Ryan the other night.  Tonight. Mark was the chosen one.  He first picked Vatican City.  Apparently he doesn't pay that much attention to my blog, because I posted two cards of St. Peter's Basilica on May 25th.  St. Peter's is technically in Vatican City, even though I list it under Italy on Flickr.  So his next choice was Peru. However, cards from South America are almost as rare as cards from Africa.  I have about 25 from Brazil, 3 from Chile and 2 from Argentina.  That's it.  So, after I gave that information to Mark, he picked Argentina (insert Evita joke here).  I already posted one of the two cards way back in February of 2008, so here is the other one.

Argentina AR-988 received 04-16-2009

What an amazing array of landscapes, all in one country.  The provinces shown are: (top row) 1. La Pampa  2.  Santa Cruz  3.  La Rioja  (bottom row)  4.  Chaco and 5. Buenos Aires.  Postcrosser Hobbes sent the card to me.  The ID number on it made it the 988th card sent from Argentina.  I just looked up the stats on Postcrossing and as of right now, they are up to number 5,307.  That's not a lot considering that both Finland and the USA have sent over one million cards each. :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Lowdown

Country: Russia
Location: Palace Bridge, Saint Petersburg
Received from: 12 Viewcards in an Envelope Round Robin - Group 85

Country: Russia
Location: The Catherine Palace, Tsarskoye Selo
Received from:  Round Robin Redux: Travelling Version - Flight 43

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A New Experience

This evening, I did something that I've never done before.  I went to a minor league baseball game.  That might not sound very exciting to some of you, but it was actually pretty fun.  Around 4:00 this afternoon, however, I wasn't even sure there was going to be a game.  It had been sunny all day, but then suddenly a very strong thunderstorm moved through the area.  It got almost as dark as night, and it just poured buckets.  There was even a tornado warning in the counties just to the southeast.  But then the storm moved out just as quickly as it came and the sun came back out.  The game started on time with temperatures in the low 70's instead of the 90's that we had before the storm, and it didn't rain another drop the entire night.  The atmosphere in a minor league park seems to be a lot more relaxed than in an major league park, with games between every 1/2 inning and lots of funny sound effects.  And to top things off, the Gary Railcats (the local team) beat the Winnipeg Goldeyes (yes, they're from Canada) 8-0.  Yay!

And here are a couple of cards that have absolutely nothing to do with any of that. :)

Ipswich is a town in eastern England, and it looks rather lovely in these scenes.  The caption on the back of the card lists the locations as: Christchurch Manor, Ancient House, St. Mary at the Elms, Wet Dock, Cornhill.  I believe those are listed left to right, top row and then bottom row.  Postcrosser toucans sent this card to me.

This card came from liyanay, and it shows St. Philip's Cathedral in Birmingham, England.

I think I should go to bed now, because I am starting to make really stupid typos.  Fortunately Google Chrome puts those squiggly red lines under words that are spelled incorrectly, or I might wake up to a bunch of comments making fun of my typing. :)  No, you can't make fun of my typing anyway. (That means you, Ryan!)   :P

EDIT: I knew when I was writing this post the other night that toucans' (the sender of the Ipswich card) sounded really familiar and I couldn't figure out why.  I just realized while looking at the Postcrossing user ranking by number of postcards sent that toucans is currently #1 with 4,863(!) official cards sent.  Wowza!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Not My Choice

If you don't like the card I chose tonight, don't blame me.  You can do what I always do in pretty much every situation...blame Ryan. :)  Don't worry if you don't know who Ryan is....blame him anyway. :)

I get tired of trying to decide which card(s) to post on a nightly basis, especially when I don't have anything specific to talk about.  So while I was chatting with Ryan in the AQ chat room, I asked him to pick a country.  His first choice was Zimbabwe.  Yeah, like I have any cards from there!  It is rare to get cards from Africa.  I've received 4 from South Africa (only 1 official Postcrossing card), 1 from Namibia (sent from South Africa), 1 from Algeria, and 2 trade cards from Mauritius.  I also have one from Egypt and one from Morocco, but neither of those were actually sent from Africa.

 Choice #2, Latvia, was a bit more reasonable.  I've received 3 cards from there.  And here is one of them.

Postcrosser Jul4ik sent this card to me.  It must have been in an envelope because it doesn't have an address or stamps on the back of it.  And unfortunately, there is no message either...just the Postcrossing ID number.  *sigh*  Anyway, I believe the bridge pictured is the Vanšu Bridge, one of 5 bridges over the Dauvaga River in Riga.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back Again

I'm guessing that a few people might have noticed that I didn't post anything last night.  My *&$!%^ internet was down again last night.  I'm not sure why this time...we didn't have any storms yesterday.  But I notified the office this morning and by the time I came home at lunch, it was working again.  Let's hope it stays that way for a while now. *knocking on wood*

Anyway, I was watching a show about Gettysburg on the History Channel earlier this evening.  Apparently they are showing programs about the Civil War all week.  I do have some postcards of Gettysburg that I bought when I visited in the early 90's.  It's a lovely little town.   But I prefer to show cards here that I have received from other people, so this card from Postcrosser celtmagik (who lives in Pennsylvania) is my only choice.

USA US-585965 received 01-11-2010

I also received this Civil War card from AnnaRun.  It was one of three cards that she sent.  The other two were of Washington, D.C.

USA US-395005 received 04-27-2009 (Card 3)

Ok, that's it until (hopefully) tomorrow night. :)