Saturday, March 29, 2014

Day Twenty-Nine

Sent by: windexpress31
From: Santos, Brazil
ID number: BR-172309
Notes: This is the Museu de Café in Santos.  In case you don't know Portuguese, that translates to Coffee Museum.  Apparently there is a museum for everything!  As I don't drink coffee, I can't say that this would be a museum I'd really enjoy, but in the interest of learning something new, I would probably go.

Sent by: luizasette
From: Belo Horizonte, Brazil
ID number: BR-221435
Notes: This is  the Praça da Estação (Station Square) in Belo Horizonte.  The building is an old train station that is now the Museum of Art and Workmanship.  It's certainly bright!  The clock on the tower is the first public clock in the city.  I'm not sure why Wikipedia felt the need to include that tidbit, but it's one of only 3 lines in the article about the square.

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