Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day Eight-Nine

Notes: One of the places I visited while in Germany in 1997 was the Salzbergwerk in Bertchesgaden, right across the border from Salzberg, Austria.  It's a salt mine that has been in operation since the 1500's.  We rode on the tram like the one pictured for part of the tour, and yes, we were all given outfits to wear to keep our clothes clean.  I don't remember getting a hat though.  

I normally only post one card on weekdays, but as it is my birthday, I can do whatever I want! 

Notes: We also got to ride on this boat across the lake in the mine.  As you can probably guess, the lake is salt water.

Notes: Wheeeeeee!  There are a number of these slides in the mine, and they were another reason that we were given special clothes to wear.  My mom opted to use the stairs, but my dad and I slide down the slides with some others from our group.  

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