Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day One Hundred Three

Sent by: Helga_Ni
From: Germany
For: Geography "Any Letter" Tag
Notes: Leer is a city of just under 35,000 in Lower Saxony, Germany.  There is evidence that there has been a settlement in the area since 3200 B.C.  Haus Samson, the building on the upper right, has been in existence since 1643.  It was a wine shop, and is now a museum.  Haneburg, in the lower left, is a castle that is currently owned by the city and used for offices, and also conferences and art exhibitions.  The Waage, lower center, was a scale house for the trade in the harbor and is now a restaurant and cafe.  Finally, the Amtsgericht, in the lower right, means local court.

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