Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day One Hundred Forty-Two

Netherlands - Roadside Cow, Friesland

Sent by: HenkPeelen
From: Netherlands
For: Private swap
Notes: Apparently there are cows statues like this all over in the Netherlands - along paths and roads, in gardens, even in hospitals.  The sign next to this cow basically says "Don't sit on the cow."  The caption written by the sender, who made this card, says "So what?  Then we'll go sit on the bike."  All I have to say is "MOOOOO!!!"

Netherlands NL-1006784 received 01-31-2012

Sent by: Albunea
From: Netherlands
ID number: NL-1006784
Notes: Windmills in a wooden shoe.  All it needs is a few tulips to complete the trifecta!  Yes, this card is actually shaped like a wooden shoe.  That doesn't leave a lot of room on the back for a message, but the sender did quite well.  She told me that these are the mills of Kinderdijk, they date from 1735-1740, and they are part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The UNESCO website tells me that the there are 19 mills at this site, and while they went out of use in the 1940's, they are all still maintained in operable condition.    

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