Sunday, July 13, 2014

Day One Hundred Thirty-Five

New Zealand NZ-63259 received 02-11-2012

Sent by: sbg
From: New Zealand
ID number: NZ-63259
Notes: This card shows Jervois Quay along Wellington Harbour as seen from Frank Kitts park.  Frank Kitts was the longest-serving mayor of Wellington, from 1956-1974, and the park was opened in 1976.  The white sculpture in the foreground is actually a fountain called The Albatross. I'm not seeing an albatross there, but maybe it's the angle of the photo.

New Zealand NZ-34006 received 01-30-2010

Sent by: Melon303
From: New Zealand
ID number: NZ-34006
Notes: The bird in the center is a kiwi, a flightless bird that is the symbol of New Zealand.  the city on the upper left is Auckland, with the Sky Tower rising high over the rest of the buildings.  The rest of the images on the card are all part of the New Zealand experience (meaning I don't have enough information to accurately identify them).

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