Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day One Hundred Twenty-Four

Latvia LV-15937 received 05-11-2010

Sent by: ElinaAndis
From: Riga, Latvia
ID number: LV-15937
Notes: This card shows various locations in Riga.  The left and center photos show parts of Riga Castle, clearly before the large fine in June, 2013 that destroyed a good portion of it.  The castle had been undergoing reconstruction at the time.  The fire-fighting effort involved 79 people, 11 tanker trucks and 3 ladder trucks.  

The upper right photo is a statue of Big Kristaps, a legendary ferryman who would carry people from one bank of the Daugava River to the other.  One stormy night, a child asked to be taken across the river.  Halfway across, the weight became almost too much for the ferryman to bear, but he managed to get across.  The child turned out to be the Christ Child, and so the ferryman was giving the name Kristap (Christopher).

I was I could figure out how to get the metallic writing on this card to show up gold instead of black.  Stupid scanner.

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