Sunday, August 10, 2014

Day One Hundred Sixty-Three

Poland PL-41802 received 09-01-2009

Sent by: arti
From: Poland
ID number: PL-41802
Notes: On the left is Wawel Cathredral, and next to it is Wawel Castle.  Both were built in the 14th century, although several other cathedrals had been built on the same spot previously.  Karol Wojtyla was ordained as a priest in the cathedral in 1946.  He went on to become Pope John Paul II.  The castle is now one of the country's top art museums, and a piece of one of the walls is incorporated into Chicago's Tribune Tower as part of the collection of famous building fragments from around the world.

Poland PL-33849 received 07-13-2009

Sent by: Elusia
From: Poland
ID number: PL-33849
Notes:  The 50 mile long Elbląg Canal uses a series of inclined planes to overcome the height difference between the starting and ending points, as traditional locks were not considereed feasible.  The boat in the lower right of the card is on one of the carriages, about to be pulled up one of the inclined planes.  The significance of this system is so great that it is considered one of the Seven Wonders of Poland, and it is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List.   Today, the canal is used mostly for recreational purposes.


wassamatta_u said...

Krakow. Krakow. Kraaaaakoooow. That's such a fun word to say.

(easily amused)

Kristin aka Trekkie Gal said...

Wawel works too.

(also easily amused)