Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day Two Hundred Forty

Unidentified Ad Card from Finland

Sent by: alenas
From: Finland
For: Ad Cards Round Robin - Group 9
Notes: I'm not exactly sure what this card is for.  I went to the website, but unfortunately Google Chrome won't translate most of it.  It seems to have something to do with brewers and soft drink manufacturers.  The checkboxes on the front of the card say "Cool?" and "Embarrassing?", and the caption below that approximately translates to "Take part in the competition to win the new clean jeans".

Germany DE-662678 received 08-11-2010

Sent by: annemi15
From: Germany
ID number: DE-662678
Notes: This is another ad card, but at least this time I was able to figure out that it is for SIX Stores, which seem to sell women's jewelry and accessories.  There are SIX stores in many countries, including 10 in the United States.  Interesting that there is a store in Indianapolis, but not in Chicago.  The sender is from Germany, but she picked this card up while on a visit to Paris.

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