Friday, December 26, 2014

Day Three Hundred One

USA US-460454 received 07-27-2009

Sent by: estromberg
From: Santa Maria, California, USA
ID number: US-460464
Notes: Santa Maria, California is located about 120 miles (190 km) northwest of Los Angeles.  It has a population of just over 102,000 people, and it is apparently known as the BBQ capital of California.  The city was founded in 1874, but the city hall, pictured here, was not dedicated until 1934.


Ryan said...

Who the heck would send you a postcard of Santa Maria?! I've been there many times but it's not a place I'd brag about visiting! (FYI: The Michael Jackson trial was here, which is probably one of the most infamous incidents in this town!)

wassamatta_u said...

Note: The above comment (from Ryan) is REALLY FROM A ROBOT!!!!

Oh, and congrats on 300!

Ryan said...

He's right--I'm a robot. And I'm half wondering if I'm actually the person who sent you the Santa Maria postcard as a joke. ;o)

-- Ryan

Kristin aka Trekkie Gal said...

I guarantee you did not send it, Mr. Robot Turtle.