Sunday, December 7, 2014

Day Two Hundred Eighty-Two

Australia AU-140714 received 06-29-2011

Sent by: piegirl5au
From: Melbourne, Australia
ID number: AU-140714
Notes: Those colorful little buildings on Brighton Beach are known as bathing boxes.  There are 82 of them, and they date from the Victorian era.  pieguirl5au said that each of them is privately owned, and they are either "passed down to family members or sold for big $$$".  As Brighton is apparently one of the wealthiest areas of Melbourne, that doesn't really surprise me.

Canada CA-111243 received 07-02-2010

Sent by: rogerr
From: New Brunswick, Canada
ID number: CA-111243
Notes: This map shows the provinces of Canada that border the Atlantic Ocean.  It's rather a funny map.  I studied it for quite a while to find all of the little jokes on it.  I particularly like the moose, and I have a feeling a friend of mine while feel the same...

FYI, I am now into my box of larger postcards.  Larger means they measure around 5x7 inches, as opposed to the standard sized postcards, which are about 4x6 inches.

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