Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Day Two Hundred Seventy-Eight

Austria AT-82559 received 07-30-2011

Sent by: avanesdonk
From: Austria
ID number: AT-82559
Notes: This card may have come from Austria, where German is the official language, but all of the words on the front of the card are in French.  In case you don't read French, the caption at the top of the card says "The Flavors of Morocco".  Yup, Morocco. That's a different country than Austria.  In fact, it's on a different continent. :)  I think my favorite thing to eat on this card would be the dried apricots (bottom left, just above the oranges).  And all of these different foods means that I used more tags on this card than any other card I have posted to Flickr - 33.

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