Friday, January 9, 2015

Day Three Hundred Fifteen

Florida - Lakeland

Sent by: chiefal
From: Lakeland, Florida, USA
For: Private swap
Notes: Lakeland is located in central Florida between Orlando and Tampa, and has a population of just over 97,000.  With a name like Lakeland, you would expect there to be a number of lakes in the area - and there are.  There a 38 named lakes in and around Lakeland, with Lake Parker being the largest. Many swans inhabit the area, descendants of a pair sent to Lakeland by Queen Elizabeth. 

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Brenda Perez said...

I used to live in Lakeland, Florida and it is a wonderful place! When we lived there on the first Friday of every month they would close off downtown and bring in food vendors and live music. Everyone would go and bring their dogs and kids to walk around. On all the holidays there would be extra treats - Santa at Christmas, etc.