Saturday, January 3, 2015

Day Three Hundred Nine

USA US-744882 received 07-07-2010

Sent by: mlidren
From: Denver, Colorado, USA
ID number: US-744882
Notes: As it is about to be really cold here (high temperatures in the single digits Fahrenheit), a nice view of a summer day seemed like a good idea.  Plus it was the next card in the box, so that worked out.  The card doesn't give a specific location - it just says that it shows a field of mixed wildflowers in the Colorado Rockies.  I love the purple ones!

Colorado - Hot Air Balloons

Sent by: earlsranch
From: Denver, Colorado, USA
For: Private swap
Notes: Another nice summery scene, and another card without a specific location.  This card just says "Hot air ballooning in COLORADO."  Really?  I never would have guessed that.  

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