Saturday, February 14, 2015

Day Three Hundred Fifty-One

Germany DE-527114 received 02-25-2010

Sent by: Sille
From: Hannover, Germany
ID number: DE-52711
Notes:  This is the only Valentine's Day related card that I could find that I had not previously posted.  The caption on the front translates to "Love greetings for Valentine's Day".  The back of the card has an ad for the QVC Insider, a magazine from QVC (yes, the shopping channel).  So I'd venture a guess that this card came out of the magazine.

Star Sponge Cake and Berries

Sent by: Vosya
From: Sakhalin Island, Russia
For: Send Me a Card from My Album of Favorites Tag 2
Notes: This is not a Valentine's Day card, but I thought the colors were appropriate, not to mention the fact that I think this would make a wonderful Valentine's Day dessert.  I received this card as part of the above-mentioned tag, which means that Vosya would have looked through the albums of cards that I have favorited (either on Flickr or Postcrossing) and found one that she had in her possession.  In order to receive this card from Vosya, I would have had to have tagged someone else and sent them a card from one of their favorites albums.  It's not a tag that I participate in often because it is rare that I actually have a card that is in the previous person's favorites album. 

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wassamatta_u said...

Happy Valentine's Day!