Thursday, February 5, 2015

Day Three Hundred Forty-Two

Netherlands NL-596140 received 03-25-2011

Sent by: Sophie54
From: Netherlands
ID number: NL-596140
Notes: Tulips and windmills - two things often associated with Holland.  As for the cow, well...I'm convinced that the photographer was trying to take a picture of something else, but the cow decided to photobomb.  Either that or the cow behind her (what is that cow doing, anyway?) pushed her in front of the camera.  

Random thought: Would a cow say "cheese" when having their picture taken? 


wassamatta_u said...

Are you sure that's two cows, and not some evil Netherlandic medical experiment gone terribly awry? A sort of Bovine Centipede?

Kristin aka Trekkie Gal said...

That would explain the look on the cow's face!