Sunday, March 29, 2015

I Like Square Buttes

USA US-624156 received 03-01-2010

Sent by: MtMike
From: Montana, USA
ID number: US-624156
Notes: Yes, that says butte. Specifically, Square Butte, a landmark in central Montana that helped guide Lewis and Clark across the prairie.  It is also the standard reference point to airplanes on Great Falls International Airport in Great Falls, Montana, as it is located 22 miles west of the city.  At first, I thought that Wikipedia had no page on the butte, because searching neither "Square Butte" nor "Square Butte, Montana" yielded results about it.  It turns out that the correct search term was "Square Butte, Topographic Feature, Montana".  I wanted to find the page to find out how tall the butte is.  In case you are as curious as I was, it is 4,797 feet (1,462 m) tall.

USA US-672582 received 07-31-2010

Sent by: theawakened
From: Helena, Montana, USA
ID number: US-672582
Notes: The caption on the back of the card says nothing about which river or which mountain this card shows.  Instead it talks about fishing uncrowded waters, the shimmering sunlight and the serpentine serenity.  Good grief!  Well, at least the picture is pretty.

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