Monday, March 30, 2015


Belarus BY-1285880 received 06-16-2014

Sent by: MAKSON
From: Belarus
ID number: BY-1285880
Notes: Some cards don't have a caption, so I am not able to tell you about the location shown in the photo.  This card does have a caption, but despite a number of different searches, I was unable to find any more infomation on the location.  The caption says "Memorial Church in honor of the Archangel Michael in memory of soldiers-internationalists killed in Afghanistan.  2004-2009.  Byaroza town of Brest region."  Neither the Wikipedia pages for Byaroza nor the one for the Brest region even mention the church, although it can be seen in the background of one of the photos on the Byaroza page.  The best I could do from my Yahoo searches was this page, which really doesn't have any interesting information.

This card has one of the Belarus Postcrossing stamps on it.

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