Friday, April 3, 2015

Duck, Duck, Goo...No, Just Ducks

Finland FI-772274 received 03-27-2010

Sent by: Kattimau
From: Finland
ID number: FI-772274
Notes: Some nights I have trouble coming up with a title for a post.  Tonight was not one of those nights.  Coming up with something to write here, however, was a bit of a problem.  If the card I'm blogging about shows a geographical location, I just look up the Wikipedia page and copy some stuff from there.  But unfortunately, Wikipedia does not have a page for ducklings sitting in a field of flowers. Yes, I checked.  So what can I say about the card, other than that the ducklings are cute?

FYI, if you search 'duckling in a field' on Wikipedia, it will ask "Did you mean 'dueling in a field'?"  No, I really didn't!

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