Saturday, May 23, 2015

Basilica and Bottles

Netherlands NL-1074379 received 03-05-2012

Sent by: Inge-k
From: Tilburg, Netherlands
ID number: NL-1074379
Notes: Tilburg is a city of 210,000 people in southern Netherlands.  In the 1700s, it became a hub for the wool industry, and by 1881, the city had 145 woolen mills.  It was known as the Wool Capital of the Netherlands until the 1960s, when the industry collapsed.  The city is also where Vincent van Gogh learned to paint, at the King Willem II School.  This postcard shows the Heikense Kerk, also known as the Saint Denis Church.

Netherlands NL-1340835 received 09-30-2012

Sent by: Eva-G
From: Nijmegen, Netherlands
ID number: NL-1340835
Notes: I really have no idea explanation for this photo.  Is this guy a drunk or a hoarder?  Or both?  Eva, the sender, didn't even mention the photo in her message.  She did say that she is also a Star Trek fan, and a few months before she sent this card, she named one of her cat's kittens 'Spock' because of the pointy ears.  

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