Sunday, May 24, 2015

Cityscape and Cathedral

USA US-1024890 received 03-04-2011

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From: Seattle, Washington, USA
ID number: US-1024890
Notes: Bellevue is a city of 122,000 people, located across Lake Washington from Seattle.  It was officially incorporated in 1953, but remained relatively small until several bridges opened up across Lake Washington, giving residents much easier access to Seattle. In 2014, Bellevue was ranked as the 2nd best place to live in the U.S. by USA Today.  If you're curious, number one was Newton, Massachusetts, near Boston.

USA US-1146640 received 06-11-2011

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From: Olympia, Washington, USA
ID number: US-1146640
Notes: The University of Washington in Seattle was founded in 1861, and today has a student body of over 45,000.  It occupies over 500 buildings, including this one, the University's Cathedral.  Oddly, I was unable to find any information on the cathedral, even on the university's website.  I only know what it is from the caption on the back of the card.

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