Saturday, May 2, 2015

Cooling Towers and a Carolina

Pennsylvania - Limerick, 1996

Sent by: iSteven
From: Pennsylvania, USA
For: Lottery for Round Robin Hosts
Notes: Limerick is township with a population of about 18,000, located in southeast Pennsylvania, and yes, it was named after Limerick, Ireland.  This postcard shows the Limerick Generating Station, a nuclear power plant with two boiling water reactors.  This seems an unusual subject for a postcard to me.  Surely a better postcard subject in the Limerick area would be the William and Mordecai Evans House.  Built in the 1700s, it briefly became the headquarters for General George Washington in 1777 after the Battle of Brandywine.  See, it's historic!

No, I'm not going to post any limericks.  And neither should you.  I'm talking to you, wassa.

USA US-830066 received 09-15-2010

Sent by: sag
From: Hartsville, South Carolina, USA
ID number: US-830066
Notes: South Carolina became a state on May 23, 1788, the eighth state admitted to the Union.  The building in the "I" appears to be the South Carolina State House, built in 1855.  As for the rest of the letters, the card does not say what any of the locations are.  I did a search for South Carolina waterfalls to see if I could figure out which ones are shown in the "H", but there are too many for me to narrow it down. 

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wassamatta_u said...

I can't do any limericks about the cooling towers? Dang. How about the Mordecai House? Please?


I find your advice so confusing,
To limit my poetical schmoozing,
To a nuclear reactor,
When a much greater factor,
Is a place that had Washington snoozing!