Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Sound of Drums

USA US-1170737 received 06-29-2011

Sent by: Punkie9799
From: Sault Saint Marie, Michigan, USA
ID number: US-1170737
Notes: I believe that Punkie9799 sent this card to me because I have Civil War as one of my requests.  This is the Drum Corps of the 8th Regiment New York State Militia Infantry, also known as the Washington Greys.  The 8th New York was one of three regiments that combined to make up the 8th Infantry.  Although they were from New York, this photo was taken in Arlington, Virginia.  This card doesn't actually say it anywhere, but according to other websites with the same photo, it was taken in June, 1861.

Sorry to anyone who thought this was going to be a Doctor Who related post based on the title.  But kudos to you for getting the reference. ;)

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