Sunday, May 17, 2015


Latvia LV-74610 received 07-16-2012

Sent by: Freimane
From: Riga, Latvia
ID number: LV-74610
Notes: Did you know that there is a Wikipedia page that lists windmills in every country?  Yeah, I tried to use it to figure out the name of this windmill.  Unfortunately, that page only lists one windmill in Latvia, and it is not this one, so I guess this one will go unidentified and I'll have to talk about someone else.  The sender, Freimane, was 13 at the time she sent the card.  She was on her school holidays, and was spending her time walking her dog, Dekster, skateboarding and sleeping.

Latvia LT-150376 received 06-21-2014

Sent by: sauleszeme
From: Jurmala, Latvia
ID number: LV-150376
Notes: These women are dressed in traditional Latvian clothing, or so I'm assuming.  Once again, neither the card nor the sender's message gives me any clue.  If I was Queen of the Postcards, every card would have a caption on the back so that I'd know what the photo showed.  Incidentally, if anyone knows how I would go about getting that job, please let me know. :)  

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