Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Appealing Abodes

USA US-636961 received 03-15-2010

Sent by: CaliMom
From: Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, USA
ID number: US-636961
Notes: Charleston, South Carolina was founded in 1670 as Charles Town in honor of King Charles II of England.  The name was changed to Charleston in 1783.  The city has a population of around 120,000 people, some of whom live on the street shown here.  I have no idea what street this is, but CaliMom tells me that these houses overlook Fort Sumter, where the opening shots of the Civil War were fired in 1861.  The houses are beautiful, but its a shame that they are so close together.  They would look much more elegant with a little land around them instead of being practically on top of one another.  

Monday, June 29, 2015

Bulky Boulder

Russia RU-893876 received 04-30-2012

Sent by: Vvalerii
From: Zelenograd, Russia
ID number: RU-893876
Notes: This is a dolmen, a single-chambered megalithic (a structure constructed using a large stone) tomb. There are more than 3,000 dolmens in the Northwest Caucasus region of Russia, and more are discovered in the mountains every year.  You'll notice that the Sochi Olympics logo appears on the card, but I can't fathom the reason why, other then the fact that Sochi is also located in the Caucasus region.  The stamp on the back of the card features the same dolmen, and also has the Sochi Olympics logo.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Long Cards from a Long Time Ago

Italy - Farm Holidays in Söll

Sent by: Unknown (I can't read the signature)
From: Italy
For: Private swap (I'm assuming, because the sender mentioned the card that she received from me)
Notes: My record-keeping back in 2008, when this card was sent to me, were not the best, so I have no idea who sent it to me. Sorry, sender!  While 2008 doesn't seem that long ago, I only started Postcrossing in 2007, so as far as the hobby goes, it's a long time ago.  This card and the next one are also panoramic length cards, which are about a third longer (wider) than a standard-size postcard.

The caption on the card is in German, but the location shown is actually in Italy, not too far from the Austrian border.  Söllerhof is a fruit and wine farm that has apartments for rent, according to their website.  

Taiwan TW-47895 received 04-30-2009

Sent by: tedfang
From: Taipei, Taiwan
ID number: TW-47895
Notes: This card was sent to me in 2009.  It shows the northeast coast of Taiwan, which is known for its sandstone rock formations.  According to tedfang, some of the shapes that have been formed in the rock by erosion are a large slipper, a candle, lots of large eggs and an ice cream cone.  I don't think any of those formations are shown here, but I do think the coloring of these rocks is fascinating.  

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Castles and Palaces of St. Petersburg

Russia - The Mikhailovsky Castle 1797-1800

Sent by: LucyGLV
From: Saint Petersburg, Russia
For: Sent Me a Card from My Album of Favorites Tag'
Notes: This is the Mikhailovsky, or St. Michael's, Castle, built for Emperor Paul I.  It was built between 1797 and 1801, and the architects used different styles for each side, so each facade is different.  Emperor Paul I was afraid of assassination plots, and never felt safe at the Winter Palace, which is why this castle was built.  Unfortunately for Paul, he was murdered in his own bedroom just 40 days after he moved into the castle.  After his death, his family, including his heir, Emperor Alexander I, abandoned Mikhailovsky Castle and moved back into the Winter Palace.  In 1823, the castle was given to the army's Main Engineering School, and in the early 1990s, it became a branch of the Russian Museum.

Russia RU-1581937 received 01-16-2014

Sent by: Alex_ru
From: Saint Petersburg, Russia
ID number: RU-1581937
Notes: As I mentioned the Winter Palace several times in the previous paragraph, I thought I'd show you what it looks like.  It was the official residence of Russian monarchs from 1732 until 1917.  After the revolution in 1917, it was briefly held by the Russian Provisional Government until it was stormed and ransacked by the Bolsheviks.  It was then declared to be part of the Hermitage public museums, and it remains a museum to this day.  It is a huge building, with 1,500 rooms, 1,786 doors, 1,945 windows and 117 staircases.  

Friday, June 26, 2015

Here Fishy Fishy

Tropical Fish

Sent by: brella_owul
From: Worksop, England, United Kingdom
For: Lenticular Card Lottery
Notes: You know those 3-D pictures that seem to move as you turn them from side to side?  Well, those are called lenticular prints, and this card happens to be one.  Because of that, the image on the card does not scan very clearly, but I'm sure you can still tell that it is a picture of tropical fish.  If you want to know more about how lenticular printing is done, I'll let you read the about it yourself.  It's a bit too complicated for me to try to explain here.  And I don't want to either.  :)

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Russia - Kunstkamera Museum, St. Petersburg

Sent by: Jane
From: Kaluga, Russia
For: Museums and Galleries Round Robin - Group 111
Notes: The green building on the left is the Kunstkamera, which houses the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography.  It was established by Peter the Great in 1727, making it the first museum in Russia.  It has a collection of almost 2,000,000 items, including a large collection of human and animal fetusus with anatomical deformities.  Peter was interested in the research of these deformities as he wanted to debunk the superstitious fear of monsters.  He even issued a proclamation ordering malformed still-born infants to be sent to the museum for study.

Also showing in this photo are one of St. Petersburg's Rostral Columns, and on the right, the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Chien Chauffeur

Estonia EE-127492 received 03-05-2012

Sent by: diamonds
From: Tallinn, Estonia
ID number: EE-127492
Notes: This is the type of card that is difficult for me to write about.  There is nothing for me to research and learn about it.  It's just a funny card.  The dog seems pretty happy with the situation.  I'd love to know what that woman is thinking though.  

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sunrise Span

Russia RU-822610 received 03-20-2012

Sent by: pussy_cat
From: Saint Petersburg, Russia
ID number: RU-822610
Notes: The Palace Bridge spans the Neva River in Saint Petersburg and connects Palace Square and Vasilievsky Island.  It is a double leaf bascule bridge, more commonly known as a drawbridge.   All of the bridges along the Neva are drawbridges, with the exception of the Big Obukhovsky Bridge, which is stationary.  For some reason, all of the bridges are drawn overnight, which doesn't make sense to me.  It seems to me that would make it very hard to get across the city at night.  In the background of this shot, you can see the Peter and Paul Fortress.  If I was looking at the right bridge on Google Maps, the fortress is east of the bridge, so this would be a sunrise shot.  

Monday, June 22, 2015

Soup's On!

Japan JP-256520 received 04-09-2012

Sent by: musubu
From: Osaka, Japan
ID number: JP-256520
Notes: This is a bowl of ramen.  No, not like those bricks of dried noodles with a seasoning packet that are popular with college students because they are cheap.  This is real ramen, a bowl of noodles in broth, topped with fresh ingredients. If you go to a Japanese restaurant and order ramen, you will get something that looks like this.  musubu told me that the meat in this bowl is pork, which would probably have been my first guess based on its appearance.  You can read about the different variations of ramen here.  Tonkotsu, which is this one, sounds tasty and is something I would definitely like to try.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Russia RU-2699060 received 06-09-2014

Sent by: NataliaPeschanskaya
From: Saint Petersburg, Russia
ID number: RU-2699060
Notes: Ok, I know what many of you are thinking: "Today is the first day of summer.  Why is she posting a card showing snow and a guy that kind of looks like Santa Claus?" Well, two reasons.  First, while it is the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the first day of winter in the Southern Hemisphere, and this card shows a scene from a winter festival. Yes, it's a winter festival in the Northern Hemisphere, but that's beside the point.  Second, it was the next card in the box, which probably had a lot more to do with why I'm posting it today than my first point did...

Anyway, according to the back of the card, the festival is called "Winter Starts from Yakutia", Yakutia being part of Siberia.  The two men picture here are Ded Moroz, who is basically a Slavic version of Father Christmas, and Chiskhaan, The Bull of Frost.  You can read a bit more about the festival and see some more photos here.

Russia RU-1181617 received 09-30-2012

Sent by: engeborga
From: Saint Petersburg, Russia
ID number: RU-1181617
Notes: Ok, so this card looks a bit more like summer.  Behind the sailboat is Kara Dag, a volcanic rock formation on the coast of the Crimean Peninsula in the Black Sea.  It was the site of a marine biological station in the early 1900s, and since 1979, a large section of this area  has been protected at the Kara Dag Nature Reserve. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015


Russia RU-1098999 received 08-27-2012

Sent by: simsim-o
From: Moscow, Russia
ID number: RU-1098999
Notes: I make my dislike of art museums (soooooo boring!) pretty clear in my Postcrossing profile.  And nothing in my list of requests mentions art postcards - I much prefer views of actual places.  Even so, I do occasionally receive an art card like this one.  The caption on the back of the card says "Irina Belousova 'Evening City' (water colour on paper)". I assume this means that Irina Belousova is the artist; however the only person I was able to find by that name is a politician from Ukraine.  

Bauchant, André - Camel in the Desert

Sent by: Goyesca
From: Neuss, Germany
For: Museums and Galleries Round Robin - Group 104
Notes: I signed up for this round robin looking to get postcards of museum buildings. I did, from most of the participants, but Goyesca sent me this card of "Camel in the Desert" by André Bauchant.  If I had to choose between these two paintings to have up on my wall, I'd choose this one.  Bauchant was a French artist whose drawing skills were noticed while he was in the Army in World War I.  He became a mapmaker for the army, and then became a painter after the war was over.  The original of this painting is in the museum in Neuss, Goyesca's hometown.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Not Very Specific

Russia RU-2849200 received 07-30-2014

Sent by: SunnyPayne
From: Vereshchagino, Russia
ID number: RU-2849200
Notes:  The not-so-very-helpful caption on the back of this card says "Near the Kremlin".  If you look at this card, which shows the Kremlin in Moscow, I'm fairly certain you can see the building on today's postcard on the far right-hand side.  That looks like the same tower, right?  Why they couldn't have just told me what the building was called, I don't know.  And what do you make of the four people sitting on the bench?  Are they the White Hat Society or something??

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Germany DE-3067181 received 04-17-2014

Sent by: broceano
From: Hamburg, Germany
ID number: DE-3067181
Notes: Yes, I do mention in my Postcrossing profile that my favorite color is purple, so that is most likely the reason that I received this card.  I used Google Translate to try to figure out what the caption on the side of the card says.  The first part translated pretty well: "Purple represents passion. Is also considered the color of high ideals and loyalty".  The second part, however, did not:  "In order to give more socializing a room, already a few accessories suffice in this color".  I guess it's trying to tell me not to wear too much purple?  Hmph!  The back of the card required a bit of translation as well, but fortunately, I didn't need Google Translate to do it for me.  broceano lives in Hamburg, but she is originally from Argentina, so her message to me is in Spanish (I also mention that I can understand un poco de español on my Postcrossing profile).  

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Perils of the Postal Service

Russia RU-2779236 received 07-21-2014

From: Cherepovets, Russia
ID number: RU-2779236
Notes: When you put a postcard into a mailbox, you are hoping that the card gets to its destination unscathed.  That doesn't always happen.  I've received cards with black smudges, cards that have part of the image worn away, cards with the postmarks on the wrong side, and even a card that was torn so that the part with the sender's message was completely missing. Rain is probably one of the biggest hazards, and it looks like this card (and at least one other) were caught in a rainstorm.  As you can see, there is a message from another postcard that has been transferred to the front of this card, and based on how warped the card is, it is because the cards got wet.  Not every card arrives in perfect condition, but that doesn't make them any less interesting.  Masha, the sender, says that this card is from her town, and a quick Wikipedia search leads me to believe that it is the Church of the Nativity in Cherepovets.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

It's 5:00 Somewhere!


Sent by: Bloem82
From: De Lier, Netherlands
For: North America Meets the World Round Robin - Group 310
Notes: In addition to food postcards, I also sometimes receive beverage postcards.  I'm fairly certain that is is a mojito, a coctail made with white rum, lime juice, sugar, mint and club soda.  I don't like wine or beer, but I will drink mixed drinks, with rum drinks being at the top of list.  Mojitos are pretty good, especially strawberry mojitos.

Monday, June 15, 2015

A Small Zoo with Lots of Trunk Space

Russia RU-1067056 received 08-17-2012

Sent by: Queen_La
From: Saint Petersburg, Russia
ID number: RU-1067056
Notes: These two lovely friends live at the Moscow Zoo, which, not surprisingly, is in Moscow, Russia.  It was established in 1864, and originally had 286 animals.  It has grown to 53 acres (21.5 hectares), with thousands of animals representing almost 1,000 species, like these Indian elephants.  The zoo is actually in two parts, which are across the street from each other.  Until they built a footbridge connecting the two in 1990, they were operated as separate zoos.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Movie Time

Germany DE-3233586 received 06-12-2014

Sent by: Suse16
From: Mülheim, Germany
ID number: DE-3233586
Notes: I have never seen any of the Hangover movies.  They really don't appeal to me.  I much prefer an action-adventure or a sci-fi movie to a screwball comedy.  Clearly someone like these films, though, as they did make three of them.  The caption at the top of the card translates to "I swore I would never come back!", according to Google Translate.  I looked on IMDB, and the exact quote from the movie, as said by Ed Helms' character, is "I told myself, I would never come back."

UK GB-560537 received 07-09-2014

Sent by: ThePies
From: Watford, England, United Kingdom
ID number: GB-560537
Notes: Monsters vs. Aliens is a movie that I've seen.  I do enjoy animated movies, particularly those by Dreamworks and Disney/Pixar.  This character, B.O.B., was voiced by Seth Rogan.  It's been a while since I've seen the movie, but I seem to remember that physically, he had a lot of similarities to Jello. I'm not actually sure if he is a monster or an alien.  Maybe he's an alien monster?

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pavement and Palaces

Portugal PT-227744 received 03-20-2012

Sent by: AnaN5
From: Gondomar, Portugal
ID number: PT-227744
Notes: This is an old photo, but not an old card.  It is from a collection called "Colecção Selos e Postais de Portugal: Três Séculos de História" (Collection Stamps and Postcards from Portugal: Three Centuries of History).  It was issued by CTT Correios, the national postal service of Portugal.  It shows a street in the capital city of Lisbon.  It's hard to make out the last word, but I think the street is called Rua Nova do Carrio.

Portugal PT-246357 received 07-16-2012

Sent by: ruipalinhos
From: Sintra, Portugal
ID number: PT-246357
Notes: Here are some of the lovely castles in Sintra, a city of 377,000 residents in western Portugal.  The upper left is the National Palace of Sintra, the best preserved medieval Royal Palace in Portugal, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  On the upper right is Pena National Palace, which sits high on a hill and can be seen from Lisbon on a clear day.  It is also A UNESCO World Heritage site.  The bottom left shows some other buildings in Sintra, and the bottom right is the Castle of the Moors.  It was constructed in the 8th and 9th centuries and, you guess it, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site too.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Say Cheese...Pancakes!!

Belarus - Syrninki (Cheese Pancakes)

Sent by: Delacrua
From: Smarhon', Belarus
For: North America Meets the World Round Robin - Group 608
Notes: While I don't specifically ask for recipe cards, I do ask for food cards, especially food typical of the country the sender is from.  That means, I occasionally do receive recipe cards like this one.  These syrniki, or cheese pancakes, do look fairly easy to make, so I may try them at some point in the future.  And it does say "Serve them with sour cream", which sounds really good to me.  I looooooove sour cream!  The only problem I see with the recipe, besides figuring out how to measure cottage cheese in grams, is that it calls for one packet of baking (or should I say backing) powder.  How much baking powder is in a packet??

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Another Mystery

Poland PL-665895 received 03-18-2013

Sent by: Starcat
From: Zamość, Poland
ID number: PL-665895
Notes: Zamość is a city of 66,000 residents in southeastern Poland.  The caption at the bottom of the card is the only clue I has as to what this building is.  Starcat's message on the back of the card was about the show Glee (this was from a few years ago).  As you can see, the caption is in Polish, so I once again turned to Google Translate, which told me that it is a tenement house from the turn of the century.  I searched 'tenement house' on the Zamość Wikipedia page and found a reference to the Second Morando Tenement House, but I found a photo of that on another page and this isn't it. According to this blog, there are 55 tenement houses in Zamość, so I guess it will just be sufficient to say that this is one of them.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Chill Out!

Wisconsin - Door County

For: US to US Travelling Envelope Round Robin - Flight 1
Notes: The high temperature here today was almost 90° F (32.2° C) (or so the forecast says as I am writing this at 10:45 PM Tuesday night), so here is some ice to cool things down.  This is a scene from Door County, Wisconsin, a peninsula that juts out into Lake Michigan.  It is a very popular vacation destination, and in the summer, the population can boom from the normal 28,000 residents up to about 250,000 people.  Door County boasts five state parks and 10 lighthouses, as well as 8 award-winning wineries.  There are also 2,200 acres of cherry orchards and about 1,000 acres of apple orchards.  I grew up in southeastern Wisconsin, but have actually never visited Door County.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Tour of Wrocław

Poland PL-552988 received 11-01-2012

Sent by: Santogold88
From: Poland
ID number: PL-552988
Notes: All of these are locations in the Polish city of Wrocław.  If you want to know how that is pronounced, you can hear it here.  Yeah, it sounds nothing like it looks!  Anyway, thanks to Wikipedia and Google Translate, I was able to figure out what all of these places are.  So, from left to right, we have Cathedral Island.  You can see the two cathedral spires in the middle.  Next is the town hall, followed by the market square and Grundwald Bridge.  The second row shows the Narodowe Museum and the Racławice Panorama, a cycloramic painting depicting the battle of Racławice. In the third row is Stare Jatki, which literally translates to 'Old Butcher'.  In medieval times, this was the section of town where the butchers were, and these statues represent the animals used in their trade.  The other photo on the third row is the Centennial Hall, which is used for sporting events and concerts.  Along the bottom, we have a Japanese garden, and then two scenes of the market square, including the fountain seen in this post.  The bottom right show the Plac Solny, or Salt Square.  However, if you type 'Plac Solny' into Google Translate, it comes up with 'Children Hydrochloric'.  Umm...no.

Monday, June 8, 2015

More Big Letters

Wisconsin - Large Letter Multiview

Sent by: candy54449
From: Wisconsin, USA
For: America to America Round Robin - Group 5
Notes: I frequently mention the captions on the backs of cards, but I rarely post them in their entirety.  I am going to today because I am writing this post late in the evening and I just want to get to bed, so copying and pasting the caption from Flickr is the easiest route. Plus, it's one of the longest captions I've ever seen.

In 1634, Frenchmen Jean Nicolet became Wisconsin's first European explorer.  The French controlled the area until 1763, when it was ceded to the British.  The state's name is an English version of a French adaptation of an Indian name said to mean 'the place where we live'.  The Wisconsin Territory was formed in 1836 and was admitted to the Union as the 30th state in 1848.  With the nickname 'America's Dairyland,' it's no surprise that Wisconsin is one of the top producers of milk, cheese and butter in the country.  Milwaukee, the state's largest city, helps make Wisconsin one of the largest manufacturing states in the nation.  The state capital is Madison.  The flower of the 'Badger State' is the wood violet and the state bird is the robin."

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sea and Scenery

Poland PL-483872 received  07-18-2012

Sent by: kolorowa
From: Poznań, Poland
ID number: PL-483872
Notes: The Baltic Sea borders nine countries - Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, and Poland.  kolorowa does not live near the sea, but purchased this card while on holiday.   Although you probably can't tell the difference, the scan of this card is not the same quality as normal.  As I've been going through my boxes of postcards, I've been rescanning them all at a higher quality and cropping them better.  I did rescan both of these cards, but Flickr is having issues and not currently allowing any uploads, which is really making me mad. It's also the reason this post is a little late (which you probably also didn't notice).

EDIT: The new scans finally uploaded.  Stupid Flickr!

Poland PL-377470 received 08-04-2012

Sent by: Misteria
From: Gliwice, Poland
ID number: PL-377470
Notes: Zabrze is a city of over 179,000 people in southern Poland.  It was established in the 13th century, and became an important coal mining center in the 18th century.  In the early 20th century, the town became part of Germany and was renamed Hindenburg.  It received its city charter in 1922.  After World War II, the city was given back to Poland and the name reverted to Zabrze.  This card shows the city's theater, which Misteria used to visit often.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Miner Post

USA US-566007 received 12-05-2009

From: West Virginia, USA
ID number: US-566007
Notes: As the base says, this statue honors miners that have lost their lives working in coal mines.  According to the back of the card, in 1904, 588 miners lost their lives for every 100 million tons of coal produced.  While that number has decreased significantly, coal mining can still be a dangerous occupation due to cave-ins, falling rocks, explosives and gases.  Coal is a important industry in West Virginia, and has been since after the civil war when the railroads made transporting large quantities of coal more practical and efficient.  Coal is even the official state rock of West Virginia.  

I don't know where in West Virginia this statue is located.  There are several other coal miner statues that come up in my search, but I couldn't seem to find this one.

Illinois - Museum of Science and Industry Coal Mine, Chicago

Notes: If you would like to experience what it is like to be in a coal mine, but don't want to be in a such a dirty, dangerous environment, you can always go to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.  *shamelessplug*   There has been a coal mine exhibit at the museum since it opened its doors back in 1933.  In the current exhibit, you ride an elevator down in the 'mine' and then take a tour of the mine, including a ride on the little train shown on the right side of this card.  You can learn about the evolution of coal mining technology, see a number of machines in use, and then end in the control room of a modern computerized mine.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Crane Your Neck for a Look at This

Poland PL-386561 received 03-19-2012

Sent by: lolex30
From: Poland
ID number: PL-386561
Notes: Gdańsk is a city of about 460,000 people in northern Poland.  The first written record of the city was written in 999 A.D., so the city is quite old.  The tall structure shown here along the shore of the Motława River is actually a medieval port crane, which was built in the 15th century after the earlier crane was destroyed in a fire.  The crane was used to put masts on ships, and also to load cargo. The wooden portion of the crane was destroyed during World War II, and only 60% of the brick portion remained.  It was rebuilt after the war and turned into a maritime museum.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

More Mountains

Washington - Cascade Mountains

For: US to US Travelling Envelope Round Robin - Flight 4
Notes: The Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area is a 414,161 acre (167,605 ha) wilderness area in the North Cascades Mountains of Washington state.  It boasts some of the most rugged topography in the Cascdes, as well as over 700 lakes (hence the name).  There are old growth forests, as well as numerous plant and animal species. At 9,415 feet (2,870 m), Mount Stuart is the tallest peak in the wilderness area.  I don't know if it is shown in this photo, though, as there is no caption on the back of the card. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

How Old?

Philippines PH-68295 received 08-04-2014

Sent by: jeanny1926
From: Manila, Philippines
ID number: PH-68295
Notes: I am not exactly sure when Baclayon Church was built.  The back of the card says it is the second oldest stone church in the Philippines, and was constructed in 1595 by Jesuit Priests.  However, Wikipedia says that the first Jesuit priests came to Baclayon in 1596, and that the present stone church was completed in 1727.  I have no way of knowing which is right.  What I do know is that on October 15, 2013, the church was severely damaged by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, and the portico and the belltower collapsed.  The Diocese of Tagbilaran does plan to restore all of the churches damaged or destroyed by the earthquake.  

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Crater and Lake (But Not Crater Lake)

Washington - Mount St. Helens

For: US to US Travelling Envelope Round Robin - Flight 4
Notes: Mount St. Helens is most famous for its eruption on May 18, 1980 that destroyed 250 homes, 47 bridges, 15 miles (24 km) of railroad and 185 miles (298 km) of highway.  It also filled Spirit Lake, seen here in the foreground, was filled with debris from the eruption, including trees, other plants, volcanic ash and volcanic debris.  All of this blocked the lake's pre-eruption outlet to the North Fork Toutle River valley, which raised the surface elevation of the lake by about 200 feet (60 m).  In order to maintain the current water level, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built a tunnel to allow drainage to South Coldwater Creek.  If they had not built the tunnel, the log dam blocking the lake's natural outlet would have broken, creating a massive flood downstream.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Because Busney Just Sounds Silly

Philippines - Philippine Jeepney, Manila

Sent by: PostcardPerfect
From: Philippines (originally, but she currently lives in Ohio)
For: Private swap
Notes: Jeepneys are the most popular form of public transportation in the Philippines.  They were originally made from surplus U.S. Army Jeeps that were sold to Filipinos after the end of World War II.  Modern Jeepneys are made by a number of different manufacturers, and are usually customized by the owners with colorful, kitschy decorations.  They can be hailed like a taxi, but typically follow regular routes like buses.  The name Jeepney is either a combination of Jeep and jitney, or Jeep and knee (because of how closely the passengers must sit to each other).