Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Tour of Wrocław

Poland PL-552988 received 11-01-2012

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From: Poland
ID number: PL-552988
Notes: All of these are locations in the Polish city of Wrocław.  If you want to know how that is pronounced, you can hear it here.  Yeah, it sounds nothing like it looks!  Anyway, thanks to Wikipedia and Google Translate, I was able to figure out what all of these places are.  So, from left to right, we have Cathedral Island.  You can see the two cathedral spires in the middle.  Next is the town hall, followed by the market square and Grundwald Bridge.  The second row shows the Narodowe Museum and the Racławice Panorama, a cycloramic painting depicting the battle of Racławice. In the third row is Stare Jatki, which literally translates to 'Old Butcher'.  In medieval times, this was the section of town where the butchers were, and these statues represent the animals used in their trade.  The other photo on the third row is the Centennial Hall, which is used for sporting events and concerts.  Along the bottom, we have a Japanese garden, and then two scenes of the market square, including the fountain seen in this post.  The bottom right show the Plac Solny, or Salt Square.  However, if you type 'Plac Solny' into Google Translate, it comes up with 'Children Hydrochloric'.  Umm...no.

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