Thursday, June 11, 2015

Another Mystery

Poland PL-665895 received 03-18-2013

Sent by: Starcat
From: Zamość, Poland
ID number: PL-665895
Notes: Zamość is a city of 66,000 residents in southeastern Poland.  The caption at the bottom of the card is the only clue I has as to what this building is.  Starcat's message on the back of the card was about the show Glee (this was from a few years ago).  As you can see, the caption is in Polish, so I once again turned to Google Translate, which told me that it is a tenement house from the turn of the century.  I searched 'tenement house' on the Zamość Wikipedia page and found a reference to the Second Morando Tenement House, but I found a photo of that on another page and this isn't it. According to this blog, there are 55 tenement houses in Zamość, so I guess it will just be sufficient to say that this is one of them.

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