Saturday, June 20, 2015


Russia RU-1098999 received 08-27-2012

Sent by: simsim-o
From: Moscow, Russia
ID number: RU-1098999
Notes: I make my dislike of art museums (soooooo boring!) pretty clear in my Postcrossing profile.  And nothing in my list of requests mentions art postcards - I much prefer views of actual places.  Even so, I do occasionally receive an art card like this one.  The caption on the back of the card says "Irina Belousova 'Evening City' (water colour on paper)". I assume this means that Irina Belousova is the artist; however the only person I was able to find by that name is a politician from Ukraine.  

Bauchant, André - Camel in the Desert

Sent by: Goyesca
From: Neuss, Germany
For: Museums and Galleries Round Robin - Group 104
Notes: I signed up for this round robin looking to get postcards of museum buildings. I did, from most of the participants, but Goyesca sent me this card of "Camel in the Desert" by André Bauchant.  If I had to choose between these two paintings to have up on my wall, I'd choose this one.  Bauchant was a French artist whose drawing skills were noticed while he was in the Army in World War I.  He became a mapmaker for the army, and then became a painter after the war was over.  The original of this painting is in the museum in Neuss, Goyesca's hometown.

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Helen said...

Just wanted to mention that I can't see your first card, the photo code is on the blog, but not the actual picture. If I click on the code it takes me to Flickr and then I can see it.