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Castles and Palaces of St. Petersburg

Russia - The Mikhailovsky Castle 1797-1800

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Notes: This is the Mikhailovsky, or St. Michael's, Castle, built for Emperor Paul I.  It was built between 1797 and 1801, and the architects used different styles for each side, so each facade is different.  Emperor Paul I was afraid of assassination plots, and never felt safe at the Winter Palace, which is why this castle was built.  Unfortunately for Paul, he was murdered in his own bedroom just 40 days after he moved into the castle.  After his death, his family, including his heir, Emperor Alexander I, abandoned Mikhailovsky Castle and moved back into the Winter Palace.  In 1823, the castle was given to the army's Main Engineering School, and in the early 1990s, it became a branch of the Russian Museum.

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Notes: As I mentioned the Winter Palace several times in the previous paragraph, I thought I'd show you what it looks like.  It was the official residence of Russian monarchs from 1732 until 1917.  After the revolution in 1917, it was briefly held by the Russian Provisional Government until it was stormed and ransacked by the Bolsheviks.  It was then declared to be part of the Hermitage public museums, and it remains a museum to this day.  It is a huge building, with 1,500 rooms, 1,786 doors, 1,945 windows and 117 staircases.  

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