Sunday, June 28, 2015

Long Cards from a Long Time Ago

Italy - Farm Holidays in Söll

Sent by: Unknown (I can't read the signature)
From: Italy
For: Private swap (I'm assuming, because the sender mentioned the card that she received from me)
Notes: My record-keeping back in 2008, when this card was sent to me, were not the best, so I have no idea who sent it to me. Sorry, sender!  While 2008 doesn't seem that long ago, I only started Postcrossing in 2007, so as far as the hobby goes, it's a long time ago.  This card and the next one are also panoramic length cards, which are about a third longer (wider) than a standard-size postcard.

The caption on the card is in German, but the location shown is actually in Italy, not too far from the Austrian border.  Söllerhof is a fruit and wine farm that has apartments for rent, according to their website.  

Taiwan TW-47895 received 04-30-2009

Sent by: tedfang
From: Taipei, Taiwan
ID number: TW-47895
Notes: This card was sent to me in 2009.  It shows the northeast coast of Taiwan, which is known for its sandstone rock formations.  According to tedfang, some of the shapes that have been formed in the rock by erosion are a large slipper, a candle, lots of large eggs and an ice cream cone.  I don't think any of those formations are shown here, but I do think the coloring of these rocks is fascinating.  

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