Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pavement and Palaces

Portugal PT-227744 received 03-20-2012

Sent by: AnaN5
From: Gondomar, Portugal
ID number: PT-227744
Notes: This is an old photo, but not an old card.  It is from a collection called "Colecção Selos e Postais de Portugal: Três Séculos de História" (Collection Stamps and Postcards from Portugal: Three Centuries of History).  It was issued by CTT Correios, the national postal service of Portugal.  It shows a street in the capital city of Lisbon.  It's hard to make out the last word, but I think the street is called Rua Nova do Carrio.

Portugal PT-246357 received 07-16-2012

Sent by: ruipalinhos
From: Sintra, Portugal
ID number: PT-246357
Notes: Here are some of the lovely castles in Sintra, a city of 377,000 residents in western Portugal.  The upper left is the National Palace of Sintra, the best preserved medieval Royal Palace in Portugal, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  On the upper right is Pena National Palace, which sits high on a hill and can be seen from Lisbon on a clear day.  It is also A UNESCO World Heritage site.  The bottom left shows some other buildings in Sintra, and the bottom right is the Castle of the Moors.  It was constructed in the 8th and 9th centuries and, you guess it, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site too.

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