Thursday, June 18, 2015


Germany DE-3067181 received 04-17-2014

Sent by: broceano
From: Hamburg, Germany
ID number: DE-3067181
Notes: Yes, I do mention in my Postcrossing profile that my favorite color is purple, so that is most likely the reason that I received this card.  I used Google Translate to try to figure out what the caption on the side of the card says.  The first part translated pretty well: "Purple represents passion. Is also considered the color of high ideals and loyalty".  The second part, however, did not:  "In order to give more socializing a room, already a few accessories suffice in this color".  I guess it's trying to tell me not to wear too much purple?  Hmph!  The back of the card required a bit of translation as well, but fortunately, I didn't need Google Translate to do it for me.  broceano lives in Hamburg, but she is originally from Argentina, so her message to me is in Spanish (I also mention that I can understand un poco de español on my Postcrossing profile).  

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