Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sea and Scenery

Poland PL-483872 received  07-18-2012

Sent by: kolorowa
From: Poznań, Poland
ID number: PL-483872
Notes: The Baltic Sea borders nine countries - Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, and Poland.  kolorowa does not live near the sea, but purchased this card while on holiday.   Although you probably can't tell the difference, the scan of this card is not the same quality as normal.  As I've been going through my boxes of postcards, I've been rescanning them all at a higher quality and cropping them better.  I did rescan both of these cards, but Flickr is having issues and not currently allowing any uploads, which is really making me mad. It's also the reason this post is a little late (which you probably also didn't notice).

EDIT: The new scans finally uploaded.  Stupid Flickr!

Poland PL-377470 received 08-04-2012

Sent by: Misteria
From: Gliwice, Poland
ID number: PL-377470
Notes: Zabrze is a city of over 179,000 people in southern Poland.  It was established in the 13th century, and became an important coal mining center in the 18th century.  In the early 20th century, the town became part of Germany and was renamed Hindenburg.  It received its city charter in 1922.  After World War II, the city was given back to Poland and the name reverted to Zabrze.  This card shows the city's theater, which Misteria used to visit often.

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