Monday, June 22, 2015

Soup's On!

Japan JP-256520 received 04-09-2012

Sent by: musubu
From: Osaka, Japan
ID number: JP-256520
Notes: This is a bowl of ramen.  No, not like those bricks of dried noodles with a seasoning packet that are popular with college students because they are cheap.  This is real ramen, a bowl of noodles in broth, topped with fresh ingredients. If you go to a Japanese restaurant and order ramen, you will get something that looks like this.  musubu told me that the meat in this bowl is pork, which would probably have been my first guess based on its appearance.  You can read about the different variations of ramen here.  Tonkotsu, which is this one, sounds tasty and is something I would definitely like to try.

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