Friday, July 17, 2015


Taiwan TW-496886 received 04-30-2012

Sent by: TzuYuChen
From: Tainan, Taiwan
ID number: TW-496886
Notes: I wasn't sure what kind of building this was just by looking at it.  I was thinking maybe some sort of temple.  So I was rather surprised when I found out that it was actually a fort.  Fort Provintia was a Dutch outpost built in 1653 in Tainan.  It was surrendered to the Koxinga, a Chinese military leader, and was then destroyed by an earthquake in the 19th century.  When it was rebuilt, it was named Chihkan Tower, or Chikanlou.  I don't know if it is unusual for buildings in this area to be made of red brick, but it looks odd to me.  

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