Thursday, July 30, 2015

My Favorite Kind of Museum...Not!

Belarus BY-50593 received 03-19-2010

Sent by: iKota
From: Minsk, Belarus
ID number: BY-50593
Notes: In 1939, the Council of People's Commissars of Belarus (basically a glorified cabinet) issued a resolution creating a State Art Gallery.  That gallery is now the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus in Minsk, and it is the largest museum in the country.  In 1941, the State Art Gallery housed just over 2,700 works of art; today, the National Art Museum has 10 times that many.  The museum moved into this building, which has ten spacious halls covering two floors, in 1957.  You can take virtual 360° tours of some of the halls here.

On a side note, as I was looking through my larger postcards to find one to post, I noticed that a great many of the panoramic-length postcards (like this one) were from Belarus.  It must be a very popular size there.  Here in the U.S., they are not that common and are usually relatively pricey.  

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