Sunday, July 26, 2015

Random Cards, Random Thoughts

Finland FI-653217 received 10-31-2009

Sent by: mettev
From: Salo, Finland
ID number: FI-653217
Notes: I was looking through the oldest cards that I had yet to blog, and I found a couple of them in the basket of extra-large cards.  This card shows the Finnish flag on a lake, one of the thousands of lakes in Finland.  At first I was wondering if this flag was stuck in the middle of the lake, or if it was on the shore.  Then I noticed the wake in water, so I guess that it's on the back of a boat.  How boring.

Taiwan TW-68329 received 07-19-2009

Sent by: peishian
From: Taipei, Taiwan
ID number: TW-68329
Notes: This is Jade Mountain, aka Mount Yu or Yushan, the tallest mountain in Taiwan at 12,966 ft (3,952 m). It is also the fourth highest peak on an island, after Puncak Jaya on New Guinea, Mauna Kea on Hawaii and Mount Kinabalu on Borneo.  It is located in Yushan National Park, one of nine national parks in Taiwan.  There are over 30 peaks with elevations over 3,000 m in the park.  While Taiwan was under Japanese rule in 1900, two Japanese anthropologists made the first recorded climb of Jade Mountain, which they called Niitakayama.  The name Niitakayama was also used as the secret code word to signal the Imperial Japanese Navy to begin their attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.  Bad mountain.  BAD!!  Although...I guess that probably wasn't the mountain's fault.  

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