Saturday, July 11, 2015

Two from Taiwan

Taiwan - Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall

Sent by: RachelDing
From: Taipei, Taiwan
For: North America Meets the World Round Robin - Group 608
Notes: The white building that you can see through this beautiful gate under a rather dramatic (and possibly photoshopped sky) is the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.  In 2007, it was renamed National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall, but the original name was restored in 2009 when the Nationalist party came back into power. There are two sets of stairs leading up to it, each with 89 steps, representing Chiang's age at his death in 1975.  The hall sits on one end of Memorial Hall Square, flanked on either side by the National Concert Hall and the National Theater. 

Taiwan TW-471623 received 02-25-2012

Sent by: winnietsai
From: Taipei, Taiwan
ID number: TW-471623
Notes: This is the entrance to the Dalongdong (I swear!) Baoan Temple in Taipei.  The temple was built in 1804, replacing an earlier wooden shrine, and there were a number of 20th century extensions and improvements made by the Japanese, who controlled Japan from 1895 to 1945.  Adjacent to this temple is the Taipei Confucius Temple, which was the site of the first roadblock on season 19 of The Amazing Race.  After reading about the roadblock, I do remember watching this episode.  Some people had a lot of trouble remembering the proverb.

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