Wednesday, August 12, 2015


USA US-2805695 received 05-30-2014

Sent by: Appaloosa05
From: Reading, Pennsylvania, USA
ID number: US-2805695
Notes: I am thoroughly convinced that the designer(s) of this postcard just said "Let's use these 5 images on the card and arrange them in the most awkward way possible.  Then let's splash the name of the park across the middle in really big letters."  Seriously.  Makes me wonder what they were trying to cover up.  

Comerica Park is located in Detroit, Michigan, and is home to the Detroit Tigers baseball team (hence all of the tigers on the card).  The stadium opened in 2000, replacing the old Tiger Stadium.  At the time it opened, the scoreboard in left field was the largest in Major League Baseball.  The Tigers played their first game in the park on April 11, 2000 against the Seattle Mariners.  The temperature at game time hovered just above freezing, and the ground crews had to clear snow off the field so that the game could be played.  Ahhh, welcome to the start of baseball season in the upper midwest!!

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