Friday, August 28, 2015

Not Exactly Gold Medal Worthy

Olympics Strong Man

Sent by: stopinspb
From: St. Petersburg, Russia
For: USA to Any Country Tag
Notes: This card clearly has something to do with the Olympics, as evidenced by the logo at the bottom.  There is a rather lengthy caption on the back, but it is all in the Cyrillic alphabet, and partially covered up by the stamps that stopinspb put on it, so I don't have any hope of translating it.  The two words under the Olympic logo translate to "weightlifting".  The weightlifter certainly wouldn't win any sort of a medal in the Olympics nowadays if that was all the weight he could lift!  Based on the old-timey clothing, though, this scene is set over 100 years ago, so maybe back then, it would have won him a medal.

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