Monday, August 3, 2015

Not a Mousy Mouse

Netherlands NL-364881 received 06-19-2010

Sent by: Mamanina
From: Krommenie, Netherlands
ID number: NL-364881
Notes: Minnie Mouse was created in 1928, and first appeared in Steamboat Willie alongside her long-time beau, Mickey Mouse.  A comic strip story published in 1942 gives her full first name as Minerva, although it is rarely used.  That same comic strip established some of Minnie's relatives, including father Marcus, uncles Milton and Mortimer, grandparents Marshall and Matilda, and nieces Millie and Melody.  She has been voiced in her movie and television appearances by six people, including Walt Disney himself.  Since 1986, Russi Taylor has provided her voice.  

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