Sunday, August 16, 2015

Resorts and Railway

Nevada - Las Vegas Skyline

For: US to US Travelling Envelope Round Robin - Group 43
Notes: The wide street in this photo is the world famous Las Vegas Strip.  The hotel on the left is New York, New York, as evidenced by the Statue of Liberty and the replica of the Manhattan skyline.  On the right is the sign for the MGM Grand, although the actual hotel is not shown.  Farther down the Strip is Paris, with its smaller scale version of the Eiffel Tower.  I can also see the Stratosphere in the background.  These hotels contain just some of the almost 125,000 hotel rooms available in Las Vegas.  If you stayed in a different room every night, it would take you over 340 years to stay in all of them!!

New Hampshire - Mount Washington

Sent by: ificial_art
From: Gilford, New Hampshire, USA
For: Private swap
Notes: The Mount Washington Cog Railway is the world's first mountain-climbing cog railway.  It carries tourist up the 6,288 ft. mountain to the Sherman Adams Summit building, which contains the Mount Washington Observatory.  The railway was built in the last 1860s, and has been in continuous service since 1869, with only the two World Wars causing interruptions in service.  It ran exclusively on steam power in 2008, when the railway acquired its first diesel locomotive.  The diesel engine can make three trips for the same cost as one trip in with the steam locomotive.  In 2014, the railway carried the most passengers in its history, making a third record year in a row.  

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