Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Not Very Clan-destine

Malaysia - Khoo Kongsi Clan House, Penang

Sent by: DaniDiving
From: Ipoh, Malaysia
For: North America Meets the World Round Robin - Group 335
Notes: The Khoo Kongsi clan house, built by the Khoo family of South China in 1851, is located in George Town, Penang, Malaysia.  In 1894, lighting struck the clan house and it burned down.  A scaled-down version of the original was built in the early 1900s.  This building is the clan temple, which is dedicated to clan's patron deities. It was built in 1906, and houses a collection of ancestral tablets. According to DaniDiving, it is the grandest clan temple in the country.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Complex Castle

Belarus BY-339391 received 03-21-2012

Sent by: katena
From: Hrodna, Belarus
ID number: BY-339391
Notes: These buildings are part of the Mirsky Castle Complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the town of Mir, 52 miles (85 kilometers) southwest of the capital of Minsk. Duke Yuri Ivanovich Ilyinich began construction on the castle in the early 1500s.  It was heavily damaged during the Battle of Mir in 1812, and it was occupied by the Germans during World War II, but it has since been restored.  The building on the left is the chapel, and on the right is part of the castle itself.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Because Busney Just Sounds Silly Pt. 2

Phillipines - Jeepney

Sent by: PostcardPerfect
From: Philippines
For: Private swap
Notes: On June 1, I posted the first Jeepney card that I received from PostcardPerfect.  When I received it, I was a little confused, because it was not the card she offered to me.  When I mentioned that to her, she was nice enough to send the this card, which is the one I was expecting.  It is another Jeepney, but as each one is customized by its owner, its design is unique.  I wonder how the driver can see where he or she is going in this one though - the windshield is almost completely covered!  And seriously, does it really need that many lights?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Two from New Jersey

New Jersey - Raritan River Grist Mill

For: US to US Travelling Envelope Round Robin - Group 69
Notes: The Raritan River is located in central New Jersey, and it provides much of the drinking water for the area it flows through.  It empties into Raritan Bay along the Atlantic coast.  The building shown here is the Red Mill, located in Clinton along the south branch of the river.  It houses the Hunterdon Historical Museum.  Across the river is the Stone Mill, which houses the Hunterdon Museum of Art.

New Jersey - Grace Lord Park, Boonton

For: US to US Travelling Envelope Round Robin - Group 69
Notes: Boonton is a town of about 8,400 people in northern New Jersey.  Shown here is Grace Lord Park, located in downtown Boonton along the Rockaway River.  The park's biggest attraction is Boonton Falls, formed by a dam across the river.  The park, and specifically the river, suffered quite a bit of damage during Hurricane Irene in 2011.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sea and Statue

China - Lashi Sea, Lijiang

Sent by: miroannie
From: China
For: North America Meets the World Round Robin - Group 335
Notes: This serene sunrise view is of the Lashi Lake, located near Lijiang in southern China.  Yes, I realize the card says Lashi Sea, but it is actually a lake that was formed when the Lashi Dam was built.  It is a winter haven for 57 types of birds, including nine endangered species.  

China CN-1233248 received 03-25-2014

Sent by: Leslie96
From: Chongqing, China
ID number: CN-1233248
Notes: When I scanned this card, I wasn't sure which direction it should go.  The small picture and the caption are facing a different direction than the large picture.  In the end, I just put it on my scanner the way it fit best.  This statue is of a Buddhist deity called a Wisdom King.  Wisdom Kings are often times represented with multiple arms, legs and faces.  They are viewed as the guardians of Buddhism, and are wrathful manifestations of Buddha.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Stuff from Holland

Netherlands NL-1456731 received 11-01-2012

Sent by: meyying
From: Groningen, Netherlands
ID number: NL-1456731
Notes: According to meyying, this cards shows all things that are typical of the Netherlands.  The top row shows wooden shoes, a windmill and an aerial view of tulips fields.  I'm not sure what the buildings are in the second row, but they look kind of wonky.  The heart-shaped pond is cute, and the bicycle is appropriate because there are more bicycles in the Netherlands than there are people.  The bottom row has some lovely tulip gardens, some curious cows and lots of wheels of Edam cheese.  

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Netherlands NL-2523114 received 06-07-2014

Sent by: Lenie49
From: Zeist, Netherlands
ID number: NL-2523114
Notes: If you don't know who these two are, or what show they are from, I'd have to ask you if you had been living in a cave in the middle of nowhere for the past 26 years.  That's right, The Simpsons have been on the air since December 17, 1989.  To put it in perspective, I was 13 and in 8th grade when the show started.  I am now 39, which means that The Simpsons has been on for two-thirds of my life.  Wow!  And believe it or not, I have never actually watched an episode.  I've seen bits and pieces of a few episodes, and I was less than impressed.    

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stronghold in the Highlands

UK DE-1547101 received 09-30-2012

Sent by: ZitroneK
From: Münster, Germany
ID number: DE-1547101
Notes: Eilean Donan Castle was built in the 13th century for the Clans Mackenzie and Macrae.  It sits on a tidal island where Lochs Duich, Long and Alsh meet.  In 1719, the Mackenzie clan participated in the Jacobite risings, which aimed to put James VII of Scotland back on the throne of England.  Because of their involvement, the castle was destroyed by government ships.  It was reconstructed in the twentieth century, and is now the third most visited castle in Scotland.  I just wonder why a person from Germany sent this card to me - as if there aren't enough castles in Germany!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Plaza in a Joyful Harbor

Brazil BR-322636 received 08-29-2014

Sent by: CarlaCristina
From: Porto Alegre, Brazil
ID number: BR-322636
Notes: Porto Alegre, which translates to Joyful Harbor, is located in southern Brazil in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.  The area in the center of this photo is the Praça da Matriz, or Cathedral Square.  And yes, that is a cathedral above it - specifically, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Porto Alegre.  In the center of the square is a monument to Julio de Castilhos, a journalist and politician from Rio Grande do Sul.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Eye of the Storm

USA US-2663772 received 03-03-2014

Sent by: fappoman
From: Sunrise, Florida, USA
ID number: US-2663772
Notes: This card shows Hurricane Floyd approaching the east coast of the United States in mid-September 1999.  Even though the card features the state of Florida, Florida was only lightly affected by Floyd. The state that was most affected was North Carolina, where the massive amount of rain dumped by Floyd caused extensive flooding, adding to the flooding that was caused by Hurricane Dennis a few weeks earlier.  Virginia was also affected by significant flooding.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Two from Toronto

Canada - CN Tower and the Rogers Centre, Toronto

Sent by: Baraq
From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
For: North America Meets the World Round Robin - Group 616
Notes: The aerial view of Toronto features the Rogers Centre and the CN Tower.  The Rogers Centre is the home of Major League Baseball's Toronto Blue Jays, as well as the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League.  I visited this stadium in around 1995, back when it was still called the SkyDome.  Next door is the CN Tower, the tallest free-standing tower in the Western Hemisphere and the 6th tallest in the world.

Canada - The Legislative Building, Toronto

Sent by: renegade_cavalcade
From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
For: North America Meets the World Round Robin - Group 616
Notes: This building may look like a castle, but it is actually the Ontario Legislative Building.  Completed in 1893, it houses the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, the viceregal suite of the Lieutenant Governor, and the officers of the members of the provincial parliament.  The building is surrounded by Queen's Park, which was opened in 1960 to honor Queen Victoria.  

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Day of the Doctor

Turkey TR-102355 received 07-24-2012

Sent by: BuseNur
From: Kırıkkale, Turkey
ID number: TR-102355
Notes: The 9th season premiere of the current version of Doctor Who is tonight, so I thought I'd post a couple of Doctor Who cards.  This card shows Matt Smith, who played the previous Doctor, and Karen Gillan, who played Amy Pond, the Doctor's previous companion.  The current Doctor, also known as the 12th Doctor, is played by Peter Capaldi.  His companion, Clara, is played by Jenna Coleman, who just announced that this season will be her last.  Buse was 14 years old when she sent this card to me, and she mentioned that we share the same birthdate.  Obviously, I'm a bit older.

USA US-2663722 received 03-01-2014

Sent by: Bubsrocks
From: Orlando, Florida, USA
ID number: US-2663722
Notes: I'm sorry, but I can't seem to remember what I was going to write about...

Friday, September 18, 2015

Sacred Ground

Israel DE-3355174 received 08-08-2014

Sent by: wolf753
From: Fulda, Germany
ID number: DE-3355174
Notes: The Church of All Nations, also known as the Church of the Agony, is located on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, Israel.  It is a Roman Catholic church, and was completed in 1924, using funds from many different countries (hence the name). The area in front of the church in this photo is the Garden of Gethsemane.  If you are familiar with the Bible, you may recognize that name as the location where Jesus prayed before he was arrested and crucified.  Wolfgang was on vacation in Israel when he sent this card to me.  He took part in an archaeological excavation at Tel Hazor while he was there.  

Thursday, September 17, 2015

W.I.T.C.H., But Not a Witch

China CN-1333533 received 07-08-2014

Sent by: felicia1992
From: Nanjing, China
ID number: CN-1333533
Notes: I had never heard of the show W.I.T.C.H. before I received this card.  The show, which is based on an Italian comic book series, was produced by Disney and originally ran in the U.S. on ABC Family from 2004 to 2006.  The main characters are five teenage girls named Will (Wilhelmina), Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin.  The girls are the Guardian of the Veil, and while they do have magic powers, they are not actually witches.  Felicia did not say if she was a fan of the series, but I'm guessing she probably sent it to me because I like cards depicting television shows and movies.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Monking Around

Sri Lanka NL-1098549 received 03-20-2012

Sent by: rdejong
From: Hollebalg, Netherlands
ID number: NL-1098549
Notes: This card shows Buddhist monks looking out at the Indian Ocean in Sri Lanka, which is nowhere near the Netherlands.  Robert, the sender, didn't mention why he sent a card from a country other than his own.  He did, however, question why I didn't list any Stargate shows among the sci-fi shows that I like.  The truth is that I've never seen any of them.  They might make it into my Netflix queue at some point in the future, but not anytime soon, especially with the fall television season starting next week.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

More Hanging Around

Germany DE-1312506 received 04-02-2012

Sent by: Felidae75
From: Remscheid, Germany
ID number: DE-1312506
Notes: I have previously posted a card showing one train and station of the Wuppertaler Schwebebahn, or Wuppertal Suspension Railway.  Here you see more of the trains and a couple more stations. There are 20 stations along the 8.3 mile (13.3 km) railway, and 27 two-car trains that carry passengers between those stations.  Each car has 48 seats, and can also accommodate about 130 standing passengers.   

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Ultimate Skybox

USA US-2746436 received 04-21-2014

Sent by: havarah
From: Newburgh, New York
ID number: US-2746436
Notes: I wish I could take credit for the clever title of this post, but alas, it is actually the name of this painting (drawing? illustration?).  It is from a series called Serious Nonsense by artist Bruce McCall.  If you have 13 minutes to spare, you can watch this video of him talking about some of his other work.  This baseball scene reminds me of a scene from a movie where a UFO flies over the stadium and one of the outfielders gets hit with the ball because he's too busy staring at the UFO.  I think that it was Men in Black, but I couldn't find any clips on YouTube to confirm it.  Am I remembering that right?

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bright Lights

New Zealand - One Tree Hill, Auc

Sent by: karryan
From: Invercargill, New Zealand
For: North America Meets the World Round Robin - Group 608
Notes: Have you heard of the television show One Tree Hill?  Well, card shows an actual location called One Tree Hill.  I think you can guess how it got that name.  Unfortunately, the tree was attacked several times by Maori activists who felt the New Zealand government was treating them unfairly, and the tree had to be removed.  The activists felt the tree was an appropriate target because it was not a species native to New Zealand.  The obelisk on the right stands over the grave of Sir John Logan Campbell, who is known as the "Father of Auckland".  

Hong Kong - Nathan Road

Sent by: FloridaFour
From: Palm Harbor, Florida, USA
Notes: FloridaFour took a trip to Hong Kong, the Philippines and Singapore, and they were nice enough to send me a postcard. This card shows Nathan Road, which is the main thoroughfare through the Kowloon area of Hong Kong.  All of those signs certainly keep the neon manufacturers in business.  Wow!!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Land and Sea

Netherlands NL-1305495 received 07-14-2012

Sent by: ZijVerstuurt
From: Enschede, Netherlands
ID number: NL-1305495
Notes: This card seems to be made to benefit the Friends of the Blijdorp Zoo.  According to their website, the Friends of the Zoo have paid for new enclosures for polar bears, tigers, elephants, gorillas and Amur leopards.  I believe the beautiful cat on this card is a young Amur leopard.  The back of the card was not only signed by ZijVerstuurt, but also six other Postcrossers that attended a meet-up.

USA US-1599056 received 04-06-2012

Sent by: jen77chaos
From: Boca Raton, Florida, USA
ID number: US-1599056
Notes: This is also a charity card.  In this case, it benefited the Defenders of Wildlife, who were trying to keep the dolphins safe from tuna nets.  Jen said that bottlenose dolphins like the one shown here are a common sight where she lives.  

Friday, September 11, 2015

A Fountain of Friendship

Russia - The All Russian Exhibition Centre

Sent by: Venc SV
From: Moscow, Russia
For: North America Meets the World Round Robin- Group 608
Notes: The VDNKh, or All Russian Exhibition Centre, is a trade show venue and amusement park located in Moscow.  It was established in 1935 as the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition.  Today, there are over 400 buildings covering an area larger than the principality of Monaco.  This fountain, built in 1954, is known as the Friendship of the Peoples fountain. It has over 800 spouts shooting out water, and it is lit by 4,525 lamps and projectors.  The statues around the fountain represent the different nationalities and Republics that made up the Soviet Union.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

You Say Tomato, I Say Postcard

Germany DE-3236407 received 06-23-2014

Sent by: Verenilla
From: Marburg, Germany
ID number: DE-3236407
Notes: What we have here is a lot of tomatoes.  Tomatoes are often thought of as vegetables, but because the seeds are inside of them, they are actually a fruit.  The record for the heaviest tomato is 7 pounds, 12 ounces.  That could make a lot of spaghetti sauce!  Tomatoes are part of the nightshade family, and because of this, people used to think they were poisonous.  That makes me wonder how they figured out tomatoes are safe to eat??  

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tea Time! Or Not...

Canada - Captain Kennedy's Tea Room, Manitoba

Sent by: abw92
From: Arborg, Manitoba, Canada
For: North America Meets the World Round Robin - Group 319
Notes: Captain Kennedy's Tea Room, also known as the Maple Grove Tea Room and Captain Kennedy House, was located in St. Andrews, Manitoba.  I say was because according to their website, the team room was forced to close by their landlord due to structural and safety issues.  Yikes!  The house, built in 1866, was home to the family of Captain William Kennedy, a Hudson's Bay Company employee and Arctic explorer.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

49 Years

Netherlands NL-2557086 received 07-05-2014

Sent by: Jeannette01
From: Druten, Netherlands
ID number: NL-2557086
Notes: Star Trek premiered on September 8, 1966 with the episode "The Man Trap".  I'm sure I posted something similar to this before, but I love Star Trek, as I'm sure you've figured out.  Obviously next year will be the 50th anniversary, and I'm sure it's going to be HUGE.  I'd really love to attend the big convention in Las Vegas next August, but it's way too expensive. I do hope to be able to attend a convention in the Chicago area though.

This card show the late Leonard Nimoy in a scene from the episode "Amok Time", which first aired on September 15, 1967.  This episode featured several firsts, including the first Vulcan salute and the first time the greeting "Live long, and prosper" is heard.

Monday, September 7, 2015

High Arches

Utah - North Window Arch, Arches National Park

For: US to US Travelling Envelope Round Robin - Group 42
Notes: Arches National Park, located in eastern Utah, was made as a National Monument in 1929, and redesignated as a National Park in 1971. The arches are made of sandstone, and were formed when water seeped into cracks in the rock.  When the water froze and expanded, it weakened the surrounding rock, and wind eventually blew away the loose particles.  Many of the sandstone fins collapsed due to this erosion, but some were eroded in just the right way to create the arches.  In this photo, Turret Arch is in the distance, as seen through North Window Arch.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Chinese Courtyards

China CN-873021 received 01-16-2014

Sent by: lixiaobetty
From: Beijing, China
ID number: CN-873021
Notes: Unfortunately, this is one of those cards that I don't know much about.  There is no caption on the back. lixiaobetty wrote that this is one of the traditional buildings in northwest China, so that's about all I can tell you.

China CN-550559 received 03-16-2012

Sent by: sqy423
From: Shanghai, China
ID number: CN-550559
Notes: This card does have a caption on the back, but the strange part is that it is in Spanish!  Oh well, at least that means I can read it.  It is the courtyard of a house in the ancient village of Xidi in eastern China.  The village, along with the village of Hongcun, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.  124 wooden houses in the village, built during the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1912) dynasties, are now tourist attractions, and many are open to the public.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

These Cards Come from the Land Down Under

Australia AU-186563 received 03-06-2012

Sent by: maddyschoice
From: Perth, Western Australia, Australia
ID number: AU-186563
Notes: The black swan is one of the emblems of Western Australia, as is the kangaroo paw flower in the lower left corner.  Perth, the city on the upper left, is the capital.  It has a population of just over 2 million people.  The most interesting part of this card, at least to me, is the lower left.  This is a photo of the Bungle Bungles in Purnululu National Park.  It is a 592,370 acre (239,723 hectare) park, and it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003.  The Bungle Bungles are a series of sandstone domes with alternating orange and gray stripes.  How they were formed is still a mystery.

Australia - Land of Contrast

Sent by: indigoangel
From: Orange, New South Wales, Australia
For: North America Meets the World - Group 319
Notes: This card shows scenes from all over Australia.  From left to right, the top row shows Elebana Falls in Queensland, Uluru (aka Ayer's Rock) in Central Australia and Agincourt Reef, Queensland.  On the bottom row is the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Palm Cove in Queensland and the Blue Mountains in New South Wales.  Uluru and the Blue Mountains are both UNESCO World Heritage site.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Wanna Go for a Ride?

Wisconsin - Harley-Davidson Plant, Milwaukee

Notes: I'm sure that most people in the U.S. have heard of Harley-Davidson. As they are the world's fifth-largest motorcycle manufacturer, I think it's likely that people in many other countries have heard of them as well.  The company was founded in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by William S. Harley and his childhood friend, Arthur Davidson.  The headquarters is still in Milwaukee, and the motorcycles are manufactured in plants in Wisconsin; York, Pennsylvania; Kansas City, Missouri; Manauas, Brazil; and Bawal, India.   

This card was given to me by my mom.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


UK GB-406771 received 03-11-2013

Sent by: tgcora
From: Lincoln, England, United Kingdom
ID number: GB-406771
Notes: I had started to write a post about the Dracula, the Musical that premiered on Broadway in 2004.  However, it seems that this card is actually about a different Dracula, the Musical. Oops!  This version has music and lyrics by Steen Lünell, and premiered a the Koncertsalen i Tivoli in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2012.  Cora did not say if she had visited Denmark, or acquired this card in some other way. 

P.S. Sanguisuge means bloodsucker.  You're welcome for the vocabulary lesson. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Botany Lesson Needed

USA US-1817094 received 08-17-2012

Sent by: CherryW
From: Arlington, Virginia, USA
ID number: US-1817094
Notes: The first two words of the caption on the back of this card are "cherry blossoms".  I realize that Washington, D.C. is famous for its cherry blossoms every spring; however, there are no cherry blossoms in this photo.  Cherries grow on trees, and therefore, the blossoms would be on trees.  The lovely pink flowers shown here are clearly growing on a bush, not a tree.  That would mean that they are NOT cherry blossoms.  The person responsible for writing the caption obviously needs to take a botany class.  

FYI, the building in the photo is the U.S. Capitol Building, where the Senate and the House of Representatives meet.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

London Logo

UK - London 2012 Olympic Logo

Sent by: LunaRose
From: Liverpool, England, UK
For: North America Meets the World Round Robin - Group 608
Notes:  London became the first city to host the Olympics three times - 1908, 1948 and 2012.  This is obviously the 2012 logo.  It's rather funky, and was widely disliked, according to a 2007 BBC poll.  The font is called Headline 2012, and according to journalist Simon Garfield in his book Just My Type, it is the worst font in the world. Unfortunately, this is the only postcard I have from the London Olympics.