Monday, September 14, 2015

The Ultimate Skybox

USA US-2746436 received 04-21-2014

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From: Newburgh, New York
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Notes: I wish I could take credit for the clever title of this post, but alas, it is actually the name of this painting (drawing? illustration?).  It is from a series called Serious Nonsense by artist Bruce McCall.  If you have 13 minutes to spare, you can watch this video of him talking about some of his other work.  This baseball scene reminds me of a scene from a movie where a UFO flies over the stadium and one of the outfielders gets hit with the ball because he's too busy staring at the UFO.  I think that it was Men in Black, but I couldn't find any clips on YouTube to confirm it.  Am I remembering that right?


wassamatta_u said...

Yep! Men In Black:

Kristin aka Trekkie Gal said...

Aha! I didn't think to check IMDb. Thanks for confirming that I'm not crazy, wassa! :)

wassamatta_u said...

I never made THAT claim!