Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Castle in Africa

Ghana - Cape Coast Castle

Sent by: dotsiisu
From: Tamale, Ghana
For: Private swap
Notes: Every year when I renew my Postcrossing support, I get a number of swap requests because my name shows up in a list of recent supporters.  Last year, I was very surprised to receive a request from Ghana.  I accepted the request and received this card.  Cape Coast Castle was originally built in the 1650s by the Swedes as a trading post for gold and timber.  It later became a "slave castle", a place to hold slaves before they were loaded onto ships and sent to the Americas.  

You may recognize the man in the photo on the left.  That would be President Barack Obama, who visited Ghana in July of 2009 with his family.

Sisu, who sent the card, is a teacher.  You can check out the school he is helping to build here.

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