Monday, October 19, 2015

Дом со слонами

Russia RU-2572241 received 05-01-2014

Sent by: sherbakova
From: Kinel', Russia
ID number: RU-2572241
Notes: I was almost afraid that I wasn't going to be able to tell you anything about this card.  The sender's very short message doesn't say anything about the picture, and the caption on the back is in Russian. Fortunately, Google Translate has a nifty feature where you can click on a mock keyboard with all the Cyrillic characters, so I typed in the caption.  The mansion in the front with the elephant statues was built in Samara, Russia between 1908 and 1909 by Konstantin Golovkin, a merchant, entrepreneur and self-taught artist.  Here you can see a photo of the actual house.  

FYI, the title of this post translates to "House with elephants".

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